For Sale: Tikka M55 .308-open to offers


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I have owned this since 2003, originally as a 22/250 then barrel wore out but I shot that well with it I had it re- barreled with a Border Barrels stainless .308 in 2005 which I have used since.
Time to move it on now as I have a particular purpose for a new 308 with higher capacity as the one downside of this rifle is the magazine capacity which with the original 22/250 mag can only take 2 .308 rounds.
Round count will be circa 1200 zeroing and deer only and only used as a back up last few years.
Small section of stock missing at safety catch
Comes fitted with a Meopta 2000 3-12x50 4c RF ret and mk2 T8 mod
Had gunsmith safety inspection certificate Dec 21.
Looking for £550 face to face but could do through RFD in Oban


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Thank you🙄- been a while since I put anything up for sale so any tip on how to move it over appreciated!
Have you considered buying a large capacity magazine for this rather than parting with the rifle?
5 round 308 mags are available. I ve bought 2 of them.
10 round original Tikka magazines were also made for the M55. I have a 10, a 5 and a 3 round magazine which I would part with if the price was right.
I did have a 5 round mag but gave it away as a thank you for a favour someone done for me years ago and was very keen on getting it.
I’m committed to getting the new set up regardless but if I hold onto this rifle then a kind member has already sourced and offered one mag at a very reasonable cost