Uk 6 (8) at last

Well I finally managed to get the last of the uk deer species, my Sika.
I have just returned from a booked outing with Kevin Rigler down in Dorset.
I arrived early Sunday afternoon with the intention of going out on the Monday. On arrival Kevin showed me to his on-site accommodation & asked if I fancied going out that afternoon.
Well of course the answer was yes. So about 3.30 we loaded up on his Gator & went and looked over a couple of areas. On the 3rd area we stalked through a small area of gorse to a field/marsh area where Kevin had explained where he was expecting to see deer.
He was spot on as we set up on the edge of the cover he spotted a stag out in front of us.
I was set up on my sticks & he tried to call the stag in but he wasn’t that interested & remained feeding/walking on the far side.
Then we spot another stag out on our left, this one responded to the call & came in lovely & very helpfully stood perfectly broadside.Kevin said when your happy, but I needed to move the quad sticks slightly & managed to get the leg caught in the gorse. By the time I’d faffed about I had lost my opportunity & was cursing myself & thought well that’s blown it I’ve lost my opportunity. I bet Kevin was thinking just shoot the @%#€ing thing 😂.
Any how a few minutes later we can see another deer on the far side slightly to our right, this started to come nicely to the call but this turned out to be a hind. But then Kevin said, there’s a stag behind her coming in, have you got her, he’s the one behind to the left, get ready to shoot if he comes in. He came within range & presented a good broadside target & down he went, dropping on the spot. Having reloaded Kevin said, take her aswell. So not arguing she dropped on the spot only a few metres from the stag. After a hand shake we made our way across to my deer.
We dragged them out & recovered them to his larder.
What can I say a fantastic experience watching these beautiful animals & also hearing them whistling nearby.
I think the first deer are always that little bit more special. I woukd
Like to take this opportunity to thank lots of people on this site who have helped me on my journey.
You hear lots of horror stories about guides etc. but I can honestly say everyone I have met have been great, honest down to earth folk, who have been a pleasure to meet & get on with & happy to pass on their expertise.
Special thanks to Kevin Rigler, Colin Lockerbie (Solway Stalker), Barry Flounders ( Elmer Fudd).
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Just wondering - any contact details (don't have FB) for Kevin Rigler? Thanks and well done.
Did my sika with Kevin Rigler down in Dorset and completed my uk 6 a few years ago. Very good guide if you want to shoot a sika.
Well done on getting the six! And the others look great too :tiphat:
I've tried to get all six, male & female in the same year (or even within a 12 month period) - and it's always the Sika I trip up on.
Thanks for the write-up & photos, I enjoyed that