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Now what is the tried and tested neoprene lines wellies out their
My harkila ones that have been good have started leaking at a crack after 2-3 years


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My 30 quid Dunlop,s have made 2 seasons so far and a lot of people have the 20 quid Aldi 1,s without issue other than they only do upto size 11 .Too many barbed wire fences and thorn bushes around to spend 100,s on em imho atb
I hate wellies that flap around my legs so I got the cheapest pair of Le Chameau I could lay my hands on as they fit me perfectly.

Lovely wellies that I can wear all day but you'll struggle to find a pair under £100.



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Aigle for me. Had them for about three years including two seasons hard beating a couple of days a week (rough ground and with a lot of bramble and very steep hills), several dog walks per week. Still comfortable and waterproof and the soles are holding up well.


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Aigle paracors iso wellies here, good fit and side gusset handy for tucking trousers into couple years old and very satisfied, mine were a present but think they about £140 no damage yet except where my Spaniel who had not chewed anything for years nibbled a bit off the top. They are soft but seem ok at the ankle. No problems winter or summer.

Uncle Norm

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Toggi Wanderer plus. Robust, comfortable and warm as toast £85 from Uttings.
Now on my third pair. First pair bought about fifteen years ago, current pair at least four years old and going strong.

bowji john

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I use Aigle

Don't know if they are better than any others

One pair lasts about a year but they are worn 365 days per year and do approx 4 to 6 miles a day and on my feet for 10 hours a day


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Grubs Fieldline, Eskline or Snowline depending on how warm you want to be. Very comfortable and (so far) hard wearing.


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Had the muckboot muckmaster good boot got 3 years out of them, went to get another pair but they haven't got my size so got a pair of muckboot chore I don't recommend these no ankle support and foot keeps putting out of boot.

Ben P

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I have a pair of Skellerup Quattro Sport wellies which are easily the best wellies I’ve ever had.

Hard wearing
Excellent sole grip
Fantastic value

£ for £ there is no better wellies on the market!