What is the most common thread for a .30 cal sound moderator?


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As above really. I want to be able to walk into a gun shop and ask for a moderator 'to fit this please' and be fairly confident they'll have at least one. I'm asking because I'm looking at getting a barrel threaded.


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Don't know if it's 'standard' as such, but all my rifles have 1/2" UNF threads. I believe it's the standard factory thread on CZ rifles, but my two A-Bolts have been threaded after they left the factory. I think Browning use 14x1 as standard, for what that's worth?


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depends on barrel profile
but given .30cal is 7.63mm and 1/2"UNF is 12.7mm

that leaves 2.54mm of wall on each side

I had my 1/2"UNF cut, sporter barrelled 300wm shortened, recrowed and cut to 14x1
which may not sound much but its a 25% increase in wall thickness.

go for the thickest you can get with a solid surface for the mod to butt up against IMO

all mod makers account for all manner of common threads
1/2", 5/8", 14x1, 15x1, 18x1 etc etc


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+1 on barrel profile 1/2 inch on a heavy barrel would be cutting away some material.
I'm pretty sure my Sendero was 5/8 due to its diameter.