What NV/cal you using?


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What nv/thermal scope are you using for foxing on your rifle and caliber? Just post your device name and cal only!

No questions, no blah blah blah, Just the device - Cal. I’ll Start -

Pulsar N450 - .243


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Pard 007-17hmr

pulsar 355 - 222

Pulsar f455 - 243 & 308

using 243 day/ night and 222 during winter for dedicated foxing


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Where are all the Drone lads?

Drone 10 srx on top .243 95gn round making the thud.
I have a drone also but since getting a pard and switching it between the hmr and 223 in moments the drone has sat in the cupboard ☺ may have to dust it off soon 🤔