17 hornet

New Avon Arms
  1. Introduction

    Hi Guys, I'm from Wicklow in Ireland. Have been shooting for years, I currently own a 270 and 17 hornet. I do a lot of vermin control and deer stalking.
  2. 17 Hornet ammunition gas leakage

    Hi, I've recently got back into shooting 17 Hornet, after gas leakage on older batches of Hornady ammunition eroded my bolt face on a previous rifle, I got rid. Anyway, bought another rifle when I heard that this gas leak issue was no more. The last but one batch of Hornady 17 Hornet ammunition...
  3. 17 Hornet at 200y yards

    Just for a laugh...Savage Model 25, 17 Hornet, 20grain Berger, H4198 @ 3400fps, 5 rounds at 200yards on a 10m airgun target in a 12 - 15mph cross wind from 3 o'clock...7 1/2" drift...this was not the aim point. Scope is a Vortex <something> - 16x50 set on x16. Seems ok for me...was testing...
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