17 hornet

  1. C

    17 Hornet ammunition gas leakage

    Hi, I've recently got back into shooting 17 Hornet, after gas leakage on older batches of Hornady ammunition eroded my bolt face on a previous rifle, I got rid. Anyway, bought another rifle when I heard that this gas leak issue was no more. The last but one batch of Hornady 17 Hornet ammunition...
  2. Barkingsnake

    17 Hornet at 200y yards

    Just for a laugh...Savage Model 25, 17 Hornet, 20grain Berger, H4198 @ 3400fps, 5 rounds at 200yards on a 10m airgun target in a 12 - 15mph cross wind from 3 o'clock...7 1/2" drift...this was not the aim point. Scope is a Vortex <something> - 16x50 set on x16. Seems ok for me...was testing...