1. A warm South African greeting to the UK stalking community

    Howdy folks, my name is Devin - I am originally from South Africa and have lived in the beautiful Garden of England (Kent) for a little under 4 years. I come from a long line of hunters and farmers in southern Africa, with my ancestors roaming the wilds of what is now Zimbabwe and Botswana for a...
  2. Available: Buffalos all over Africa!!

    Specialize in Africa hunts, we have our own concessions in Limpopo, Eastern Cape, Kimberly, Tanzania, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Mozambique and Congo. Website: buffa
  3. Available: Hunt 68 Animals, 6 Hunting days, 4 Hunters, All included!

    Day 1: Arrive at Bloemfontein and transfer to lodge and hunting area. Lodge is 2 hour’s drive from airport. Day 2 and 3: Driven shoots on Springbuck from shooting positions other can be walk and stalk or positions, 40 x Springbuck, 4 x Blesbuck or 4 x Impala, 4 x Black Wildebeest 4 x Red...
  4. Expanding ammunition in large calibers - dangerous game

    Could any of the more adventurous Big/Dangerous game caliber rifle holders please cast some light onto a question that was raised recently. With the changes in legislation covering expanding ammunition - Sec. 5 - having changed for general live game shooting, has the restriction in being able...
  5. A few from South Africa and Zimbabwe

    Sometimes it’s nice to take shots with a canon instead of a rifle...
  6. Introduction

    Dear fellow hunters and huntresses. My name is Werner Starbuck. I have been hunting for a very long time, over 20 years in fact, and have been a professional hunter for the past 4 years. I am also the co-owner and proprietor of an outfit, Easi Africa Safaris. I have a very ethical outlook...
  7. Available: African Hunting Specials - Umlilo Safaris

    Hallo to All Happy new year to everybody. Please find attached our 2017 prices. If you have something in mind that is not listed, please email or PM us. Regards Johan Dorfling
  8. Available: Kimberley Safari - Cull or Trophy

    The Northern Cape is the largest and most sparsely populated province of South Africa. Larger than Germany, it is renowned for its wide open spaces, colourful wild flowers and famous black mained lions. Situated in the tranquil Northern Cape bushveld, near Kimberley, is a family run hunting...
  9. Cape Buffalo Hunt

    A short film from my Buffalo hunt from this April
  10. Paperwork - Heathrow to Namibia - EU regulations

    Can any of you globetrotting hunters please give me advice. I’m travelling to Namibia – SAA - Heathrow to Windhoek, via Jo’burg, and back again - and I plan to take a rifle, ammunition, FAC and an invitation from Namibia, plus my EU firearms pass just in case. A friend of mine who lives in...
  11. Introduction

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