Dear fellow hunters and huntresses.

My name is Werner Starbuck. I have been hunting for a very long time, over 20 years in fact, and have been a professional hunter for the past 4 years. I am also the co-owner and proprietor of an outfit, Easi Africa Safaris. I have a very ethical outlook on hunting and conservation and it is my absolute passion. I look forward to being on the forum and reading more about other people's hunting tales.

Kindest regards
Welcome to the site. However please note that if you wish to advertise your company you need to pay for the rights on here. It is £10 per month. Otherwise please change your sign in name.

Thank you
Welcome Werner. Just to follow up on sikamalc's comments, I believe, and he will tell you, that there are 14k - or so - members on this site. What better way to promote your business?
Good hunting.