1. Members Training and Mentoring Scheme with BDS

    Hi all, I have just booked myself on the BDS Members Training and Mentoring Scheme at Wild Ken Hill in West Norfolk. Has anyone here done one of these bookings/outings? What should I expect from the day other than what is in the description of the booking page. Cheers Mike
  2. BDS vehicle badge

    I managed to get hold of one of these second hand. I note BDS seem to no longer sell them and wondered if anyone knows how old it might be. Obviously it's not ancient, its plastic, but I would be interested to know if anyone has one and bought it new, when they got it.
  3. new site member

    morning all, i am a new site member based in salisbury; i used to be a stalker on the MOD estate and had some private land. i am just retiring and looking for land to manage near to salisbury. i have just reduced my rofle collection from 3 to one (remington 700 243) and am in the process of...
  4. First steps in a stalking journey

    The story begins in summer 2014. At that time I was a member of a small driven pheasant shoot. There was a struggle to grow sufficient cover crops to hold a season’s worth of birds as they were being eaten by fallow. The shoot then secured the stalking rights from the landowner. Throughout the...
  5. Free tickets now available for Scott Country Event

    Visit the thread below to register for your free tickets. Scott Country Demo Weekend: Free Tickets Best Regards Paul
  6. Scott Country Demo Weekend: Free Tickets

    Hello all We are hosting the Scott Country Open Weekend and Night Vision Demo Weekend alongside top UK manufacturers/distributors in September and are offering the first 1000 tickets free to the event. Held at The Crown Hotel and Estate, Wetheral near Carlisle (5min from Junction 42 of...
  7. BDS SE Scotland Branch Meeting 2nd April - Leather Craft Demonstration

    BDS SE Scotland - Leather Craft Demonstration Just a quick post to say the next Branch meeting takes place on Tuesday 2nd April. As usual it will be held in the Education Centre of Dalkeith Country Park starting at 7pm. (Enter the Park via the main gate off Dalkeith High Street, take the first...
  8. DSC1 Article in BDS Deer Journal

    I am very pleased to say my article on DSC1 using the Ultimate Deer Data disc and Assessment Only has been published in the Winter edition of the British Deer Society journal.
  9. New BDS Diseases and Conditions in Deer Field Guide

    Hi, I've just got ther new BDS Field Guide to Diseases and Conditions of Deer in the UK. it cost only £12 off their website and it's really good...well worth the money. i think that it replaces the old disease cards and really has moved on a lot. instead of the 8 or 10 cards as it was...
  10. BDS DSC1 Ilkley 7-10 July

    Details as per title, any forum members attending?