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BDSCarbadge.jpg I managed to get hold of one of these second hand. I note BDS seem to no longer sell them and wondered if anyone knows how old it might be. Obviously it's not ancient, its plastic, but I would be interested to know if anyone has one and bought it new, when they got it.


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I never purchased one but I can remember them being sold in the mid to late 1980s.


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Thanks 8x57. That would make sense I guess from the look of it. I suspect they are hard to find now (its the only one I've ever seen) I've got it on my vehicle but inside the window so it doesn't disappear! I don't know if the mount is original as it wasn't dead centre so I refixed it.
Bluesako, where I live and work antis are not an issue thankfully, and my land rover never goes to the city (nor do I if I can help it!). Plus of course, a BDS badge just means you like deer, there's nothing on even the modern ones about shooting (could be a good sport making antis explode in confusion by having maybe an RSPB sticker next to a BASC one, or a hunting one next to a LACS one :D) . I've always thought it wise not to point out that your vehicle may have ammunition/firearms in it with stickers and the like when I've seen guys with gun/ammunition manufacturer stickers on.


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Not so long ago Anti's were targetting our vehicle if the saw a BASC, NGO,BDS etc badge in/on the vehicle. The anti's were smashing all the vehicle windows. I think BASC actual wrote an article on this very point. I would advise against such display of our associations, more especially with Burglars and the like about.

I walk the Hills, fells & mountains both in Northumberland, the lakes aswell as Scotland, and have to leave my vehicle locked, and secure, hoping that when I return it is intact, up until now I have had only my wing mirrors bent and my aerial stolen. I note that you are located in Northumberland Sylvanius, this advice is also relevant to you as I park at Thrunton Simonside, Holystone, Bolam, Plessey and every where else in between, do not give them the opportunity, it's along cold, and sometimes wet drive home when you have no windows in your vehicle!

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