UK Outfitters
  1. Wanted: I want to Beat...

    Good afternoon all, I am new to the sport and until I am ready to shoot myself, I wish to assist in anyway I can around a shoot environment. Beating obviously springs to mind but willing to do anything in shoots around Herefordshire/ Monmouthshire area. I live between Monmouth and Hereford...
  2. Wanted: Jobs for a beater it a stalker.

    Hey guys, I live in the Bristol area and me and my friend are looking to find a place to hunt for pests or small game but we can't just jump into someone's land without permission or if they don't trust us, so we're looking to do a few jobs either being a beater or a stalker to gain experience...
  3. Sum-It Total Payroll software for casual workers and beaters

    Is anyone using Sum-It Total Payroll software for casual farm workers and beaters, and if so how are you getting on with it?
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