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  1. Wanted: Tier One Bipod

    Either the Tactical or Evolution, must be 230mm version. Please PM me with any offers, thanks.
  3. Wanted: javelin bipod

    Hi all - wondering if anyone here has a javelin bipod kit that they are willing to part with? Thanks, T
  4. Will it be worth it

    Afternoon all I lucky won a competition a while back and part of the prize was a new Sauer rifle in .308 lovely piece of kit. I also won a Tier 1 carbon fibre bipod mounted on a picitinny rail. It looks complicated and I was wondering if it’s worth or should I just look to sell it or buy a...
  5. Sold: Harris Ultralight Bipod 12 to 25 inches smooth legs

    Series 1A2 Model 25 Ultralight bipod with smooth legs. Extends from 12 inches to 25 inches. In good condition. £50 including delivery. Payment via bank transfer (no PayPal). Tape measure not included! DSC_4504 by Nico Wilson, on Flickr DSC_4505 by Nico Wilson, on Flickr
  6. For Sale: SEB Joypod for sale

    Used Joypod for sale, Comes with the new Generation pivoting feet. £ 450 Plus shipping (signed for ). Brand new legs with sharp teeth. An extra £50 spend. Happy to deliver it in person at Bisley this weekend or leave it at FULTONS for collection. (Pretty sure this cannot happen now as...
  7. Tier One Blaser Carbon Bipod

    Afternoon all and happy weekend! Has anyone bought a Tier One Blaser Bipod and fitted it to a Blaser R8 yet? The new adapter type with pan and tilt? I'm after a photo and opinions of what they are like. Cheers

    SPARTAN JAVELIN SUPER-LITE SUPER DEAL!!!! Now only £100.00 PLUS A FREE MOUNTING ACCESSORIES KIT Available model 2x Long length (32cm) 1x Standard Length (24cm) (SOLD)
  9. Sold: Javalin Superlite Bipod Standard

    Hardly ever used javaln superlite bipod standard size unfortunately you will need to contact Javalin as the attachment piece was accidentally sold with a rifle but they are easy enough to get £80 delivered
  10. Sold: Spartan Javelin Bipod

    Does anyone have a Javelin bipod that they're looking to sell? I managed to lose mine on the hill. I know roughly where it might be so i may well find it at some point. :rolleyes: In the meantime, I have the Spartan gunsmith adapters fitted so i'm fairly committed to that bipod system! I'd...
  11. Sold: Spartan Javelin Ultra-Lite Carbon Bipod - long length 32cm

    For sale is my Spartan Javelin Ultra-lite Carbon Bipod - Long Length (32cm). This comes complete with two adaptors and machine screws, etc. I’ve went down a Sauer 404 route and this doesn’t fit at present. No adaptors that I can find to suit. I’ll take £170 for it posted. UK sales only.
  12. Carbon Fibre Shooting Sticks

    Hi all, I'm looking to make my own shooting sticks at some point and play around with some carbon fibre tubing. I've managed to source most of the components I need but am struggling to find anywhere that stocks the ground spikes for the ends of the poles. Does anyone know where to get them or...
  13. For Sale: Spartan Javelin Bipod Long Version MK2 boxed

    Hello Selling my Spartan Javelin bipod, MK2 long version, all boxed and with niggeloh neoprene belt pouch - all per photos. Bought it new and has seen light use, moving it on as now just using a new Atlas V8. All questions please PM me as not on forum much but get PMs on private email...
  14. For Sale: Harris Bipod

    Harris Bipod 8-12'' model i believe. Non-swivel model. Fits to sling stud on rifle. Looking for £50 posted.
  15. Sold: Spartan Javelin Kapita + Accessories

    Spartan Javelin Kapita tripod - mint condition, literally had 10 shots off it. Unmarked basically unused - SOLD Quick shot adapter - £35 new - never used - I'll let go for £25 Blaser ball adapter (different diameter red pin) - £45 new - I'll let go for £30 Kapita titanium hook - £45 new -...
  16. Sold: Shooting Sticks - Knobloch, Vanguard, Bog-Pod

    I have the 3 following monopod, bipod and/or tripod shooting sticks for sale. All lightly used and in excellent condition. Only 1 item left: 3. Bog-Pod HD3 Tall Tripod with carry bag, yoke & PCA £120+postage Comes with Professional Camera Accessory head (for spotting scope or camera). Has...
  17. Neopod on a sauer 202 td?

    Am looking at a Neopod to use on my Sauer 202 TD but want to check here if anyone done that. Not sure if it works as the front end fastner is not fixt but swirvels.. howmwold that work out? Good or bad? Cheers!
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