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  1. Sold: Blaser R8 Kickstop

    For sale Blaser R8 Kickstop. I bought two, one for a friend who when he came to fit it found he had one already. I advertised it and sold it on SD, but the buyer says it doesn't fit??? So there is no misunderstanding I have a Blaser R8 sucess, I have a Kickstop exactly the same and it fits...
  2. Blaser R8 barrel wanted 6.5 creedmoor

    Looking for a blaser r8 6.5 creedmoor barrel please preferably used
  3. Wanted: Wanted

    Blaser R8 professional success saddle mount mount and 30mm rings please ( sensible prices please) will only use a couple of times a year!
  4. Lapua .308 155g Scenar

    Evening, I was out on the range yesterday with a box of 50 scenars I bought. I can't believe how consistent they were for shop bought ammo. My original intention was to use them for the brass and possibly get in to home loading in the future. I think I'll struggle to get a better load for paper...
  5. Opinions Please

    Hi All, I'm in the market for a new rifle. I'd be interested in hearing about pro's and cons on the following choices: a) Sako 85 b) Sauer 404 c) Blaser R8 pro success Mainly used for deer but might take it out after the occasional fox.
  6. Blaser R8 factory Ammo

    Anyone had problems with 95g 243 super performance recently, I started using this in my 243 R8 and originally 12 moths back it was ok at grouping, but recently it's all over the place, very sporadic and not even close. I was starting to think it was my new moderator from Simon Lawrence, but I...
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