1. For Sale: Browning Buckmark LBP .22Lr

    Hi, Here is my upgraded Browning Buckmark LBP in .22LR fitted with a custom carbon fibre shroud with compensator. It also has: Tandemkross GEARBOX - £48.90 Tandem Kross Race Gun Kit - £175.00 Masterclass Customs Firing Pin - £70 Ultra Grip RX - £40 3x 10 Round Mags - (2 extra at £40...
  2. Finally caught a deer... with the drone

    Been trying to catch one on camera from the air for ages. Took the Mavic up this evening on a whim and had been flying around a bit when I spotted him. He didn't seem to like the noise and bolted. Got another shot of him as he exited the little clump of woodland he's been slowly destroying...
  3. Mounting buck heads

    Have found this method of mounting heads very effective (and cheap), for when they're not being put in a permanent position. Washer + cable tie + wall hook.
  4. 20200708_204350.jpg


    Bronze medal buck
  5. Buck heads requiring clean/cut Aberdeen

    Hello. I have about a dozen heads varying between boiled/clean to 'fresh' that need finished. Anyone in Aberdeen area offering this service?
  6. Available: Accompanied Roe and Muntjac stalking in Oxfordshire and Berkshire.

    Accompanied Roe and Muntjac stalking available in Oxfordshire and Berkshire. We are a small team of experienced stalkers that manage a number of estates and offer accompanied outings for all levels of experience. Estate rifles available, training, DSC 2 witnessing and weekend packages with...
  7. Available: Roe buck stalking in the scottish borders

    I have Roe Buck stalking available in the Scottish Borders. The Stalking will be in a mixture of arable and woodland. High seats are available and you can use your own rifle if preferred but a rifle can be made available for your use if required. Stalking is available for up to two clients for...
  8. First roe buck of the season

    I have made a video of my first roe buck of the season is now on youtube! It was a great stalk and I am very happy with the footage :) Please like, subscribe and share! Also follow my blog :) Brent Norbury | Hunting Blog
  9. early morning buck and vixen combo!

    early morning buck and vixen combo!so tuesday morning started 15 mins before dawn as some strong coffee and ciggies fueled me and a friend as we were off salmon ghillieing for the day, on the way to the river we spotted a covey of grouse explode from the hill face around 300 yards away, thos...
  10. In the sights

    A nice looking youngster on an evening trip out, taken through the scope with my phone as no camera! Nearly got the crosshairs right - not easy, this was about the 10th attempt.
  11. Wanted: ESSEX - Roebuck - Muntjac - Stack hunting wanted

    Hi There I really looks for the opportunities for hunting in Essex area as I am in Braintree, business related, very often. I am looking for Rowbucks - Stags and for Muncjacs - whenever ther is season for the different animals. I am not a trophee hunter going for big trophees - I am looking...
  12. Overview - Preparing a Head/Trophy

    Since I was doing a couple of heads I thought I'd take the opportunity to take some photos of the process. As always, this is just the way I do it, there are plenty of folks on here who have been doing it a lot better and longer than me, so please chip in with suggestions etc. if you know a...
  13. 1st day of Norwegian roe buck season

    It was the first day of the Norwegian roe buck season today, I arrived early at my hunting terrain around 3am and waited for the sun to come up, the light was good enough to shoot from 4:30am. After seeing and hearing nothing I broke out the buttolo at 06:30 and 15 mins later a little buck...