1. For Sale: Sierra Varminter .30/.308 110gr HP Bullet Heads x200

    200x Sierra Varminter .30/.308 110gr HP Bullet Heads #2110 Quantity x200 Two sealed boxes (200) £55 posted/tracked Can also potentially meet at BSS Friday AM
  2. 223 sako 85

    I have been using Norma 50g vmax rounds for my sako 85 223 which has worked well. However I can’t seem to get them anymore and looking for an alternative? Any one else had this problem? Anyone else have a sako 85 223 and have really good results with a particular factory load? Thanks 🙏🏼
  3. Hornady 125gr ECX bullets in .308... any experience?

    My normal lead-free hunting "war round" is a Barnes 130gr TTSX, which has produced very reliable terminal performance and very good accuracy for me in my .308 (previously a Steyr Scout, and now a Bergara BA-13). Looking at Dauntsey Guns out of curiosity, I notice they are stocking these...
  4. Peripheral Plueral Tracking! (AKA Bullet Did Funny Thing)

    Was out stalking tonight. Spotted a gang of fallow couched down out along a woodland. Stalked up, go on bipods, and when one stood up, took a shot: 275m (300 yards), with my Blaser R8 in 6.5 Swede, using factory Sellier & Bellot 120gr copper monolithics. Animal *dropped like a stone*. Went to...
  5. Best copper rounds for 6.5x55 muntjac/roe?

    So I’m buying a Mauser m12 impact in 6.5x55 and need some advice on the best copper rounds for this caliber? Mostly shooting Roe & muntjac but some fallow as well.
  6. Introduction.

    Hi all, I’m joining this site as I’ve just got a new rifle set up and need some advice on it. Regarding ammo and optics. I’m an experienced rifle shot including wild and park deer as well as vermin control. The rifle in question is a sako 85 xs 223 1-12 twist/ with a stallon sound mod. I’m...
  7. For Sale: Sierra Gameking 90gn

    For sale a box of 88 heads Sierra Gameking Gamechanger £27 posted
  8. Bullet seating depth, jump and 'jamming the lands'- putting it to bed?

    Hi all, I've not been reloading for that long, less than a year to be exact, but have loaded a decent amount of rounds in that time. Most of my loads have been for deer/vermin/other game but I have loaded a few for 'target' or practise use in the .308. Whilst researching, I came upon a...
  9. Bullet Heads used in Sako Superhammerhead .308?

    Hi There, Does anyone know what bullet heads Sako uses in their 150gr .308 Superhammerhead ammunition? Thanks Tom
  10. Self-steering bullet

    Check this out BBC News - Self-steering bullet researched by US weapons experts When will they be releasing a soft point version?