1. Occasional Stalker with interest to do more

    Hi I am an occasional stalker and usually go with an experienced Deer Stalker/Manager. Have become increasingly interested in countryside matters and am keen to learn more. I also beat on a few occasions with my untrained English Springer (he’s getting there!) in South Wales. Thanks
  2. Sold: Magneto Speed Chronograph

    As the title suggests chronograph for sale. It’s version two (v2). Works as it should, accurate on all my lead and copper loads across various calibres. It has been invaluable whilst developing my copper loads and making adjustments to loads after having a new barrel fitted. Only been shot over...
  3. Sold: MagnetoSpeed Sporter

    Hi Folks, I have a Magnetospeed Sporter for sale. It's about a 18m old, and been used about 10 times. In orginal box. Immaculate. Had a spacer rod, to make set-up super easy £160 ono incl postage James
  4. Sold: Magnetospeed Sporter with XFR

    Magnetospeed Sporter Includes XFR adapter for linking directly to your phone Great condition - no issues at all Asking £175 including UK postage 👌🏼 Also available, is a G-Parts mount to enable it to be mounted “off barrel” using an Arca mount (MagnetoSpeed Sporter Mount – MagnoMount -...
  5. Sold: Magnetospeed V3 with soft case For Sale

    My magnetospeed v3 up for sale. Never let me down. Used but well looked after with all the bits, still has the film on the display. No longer needed. £275 delivered to UK mainland only. Bank Transfer Only.
  6. Wanted: Magnetospeed V3 or Sporter

    After a v3 or sporter as above if anyone has one they would let go. Kind regards Dan
  7. Sold: Competition electronics CE3800 Chronograph and optional USB interface.

    Barely used, taking up space as have another chronograph. Needs a new home for someone to benafit from it. Sold with brand new digital interface, an option part. Has been used very few times, mint condition. £105 for chronograph and optional interface, only sold together, posted RM signed for...
  8. Sold: Competitive Edge Dynamics CED M2 Chronograph

    I have a CED M2 Chronograph for sale with wooden storage box - in good working order. Perfect for determining the velocity of all calibers of ammunition. £169.00 inc P&P (UK)
  9. Bullet Drop Very Different To Calculator

    Ok so first thing is first I don’t have a chronograph (yet). Currently thinking I may get one but also wondering if there is a point I reload my 6.5 Creedmoor with 34gr of N-150 in Peterson SRP brass. Using a hornady 143gr ELD-x seated to the max COL (recommended by hornady) of 2.800” which is...
  10. Sold: F-1 Chrony Master Chronograph Complete - £95 Posted

    After finally biting the bullet and purchasing a Magnetospeed V3 Chronograph, its time to move on my F-1 Chrony Master Chronograph (FPS). Its complete, boxed with all instructions and I'll include a short 2m cable as well as the original huge cable that came with it for the remote display...
  11. Magnetospeed V3

    Anyone following my recent threads may not be surprised by my next question - anyone thinking of selling their Magnetospeed V3? If so, please drop me a pm - I'd like to speak..................... Many thanks Peter
  12. Chronograph - can you help please?

    Good morning I would like to check the muzzle velocity of my 223. The rifle is a Tikka T3 ,and the barrel was (prior to my ownership) reduced in length by two or three inches. I suspect that this has resulted in reduced muzzle velocity, and thus any calculated drop data may be not as one would...
  13. Magnetospeed Chronograph

    I like the idea of a magnetospeed chrono not being dependent on a good light source, however, does the device alter your POI? I suspect that it could, given that it will be attached to the barrel/mod. Or are they light enough that any effect is negligible?
  14. chronograph

    hello there, sorry in advance if this is in the wrong place.... but.... does any one in the Scottish borders, or who visit it often have a chronograph i could borrow for a day? i would be happy for them to stand with me and my mate while we put out rifles over it, and would be happy for them...