1. S

    Chronograph - can you help please?

    Good morning I would like to check the muzzle velocity of my 223. The rifle is a Tikka T3 ,and the barrel was (prior to my ownership) reduced in length by two or three inches. I suspect that this has resulted in reduced muzzle velocity, and thus any calculated drop data may be not as one would...
  2. Toller

    Magnetospeed Chronograph

    I like the idea of a magnetospeed chrono not being dependent on a good light source, however, does the device alter your POI? I suspect that it could, given that it will be attached to the barrel/mod. Or are they light enough that any effect is negligible?
  3. A J

    Sold: Caldwell Ballistic Precision Chronograph

    Caldwell chronograph for sale. Like new, bought for load development which is now complete. Comes with extra long data cable and carry bag. £155 Posted. Pics to follow.
  4. 6


    hello there, sorry in advance if this is in the wrong place.... but.... does any one in the Scottish borders, or who visit it often have a chronograph i could borrow for a day? i would be happy for them to stand with me and my mate while we put out rifles over it, and would be happy for them...