1. csl

    UK Open Seasons for Deer

    England & Wales Scotland Northern Ireland :stag: Male :hind: Female :stag: Male :hind: Female :stag: Male :hind: Female Red Stag/Hind 1st Aug - 30th Apr 1st Nov - 31st Mar 1st Jul - 20th Oct 21st Oct - 15th Feb 1st Aug - 30th Apr 1st Nov - 31st Mar Sika Stag/Hind 1st Aug - 30th Apr...
  2. 5

    Remote Hill Stalking

    Hi all, A brief bit of background as to why I’m asking this question: A friend of mine acquired a fairly small, but remote, piece of stalking in Scotland last year. He’s asked me to get involved with it this year, as he was attempting to do it independently, but found it a bit daunting given...
  3. John Norris

    Infrared and Camouflage do deer see it like this?

    Take a look at these two photos same trousers one photo in daylight and the other with some daylight but taken with my game cam with infrared light, is this how deer see them??
  4. dmouland

    Poll: Do you need a supplier of Fox non-toxic ammo in Sussex?

    Hi all, Please can you comment on this post and let me know if you are in Sussex and are looking for a supplier of Fox ammunition (non-toxic)? And if so, what calibre and weight? I currently supply the bullets however I don't have the ammunition in stock. There would need to be considerable...

    Available: Monteria 16th Nov 2018 2 places £2999 180 Animals 25 Guns

    2 day 17-18th Nov Traditional Monteria Inc. Red Fallow Wild Boar 180 animals LAST 2 PLACES Fly LHR 15:40 Friday 16th back Sunday Night or Monday Morning
  6. Peterm

    Available: BASC Deer related courses

    Below are the courses available for the rest of the year. Next years dates swill be announced before the start of 2019. Key IDC = Intermediate Deer Course (Get culling experience before doing your DSC 2) DSC 1 = Deer Stalking Certificate 1 C&B = Carcass and Butchery course BMCR = Basic Metallic...
  7. B

    New member introduction

    Hi All, I am a new member from Lancashire. Very interested in getting involved in this group. Looking for contacts and friends to go stalking with. I am a novice at stalking, but experienced in wildfowling, vermin control and clay shooting and I am wanting to progress to deer stalking, and would...
  8. 5

    Hoist/Winch or carcass carrying alternatives.

    Hi all, I’m looking for some help regarding the above. I shot two fairly large Fallow bucks the other day, (53kg and 75kg gralloched, head and feet removed), and despite having shot a few large beasts before, for the first time I found myself having a bit of grief getting them into the back of...
  9. J

    Waiting For aBuck

    Sometimes when sitting in the hide for a buck things get a little too close! First to come along was a doe, shortly followed by a kid who took more than a passing interest in the noise from the camera. No buck, but that's all the more reason to get out again
  10. kennedy.archie

    Hello from the west coast!

    Hi, I'm archie kennedy and I absolutely love shooting and deer!! I hunt on the west coast where we have red and roe! please follow my acc because it would be much appreciated and I'll follow you back :)
  11. DJB266

    The cherry popper!

    So yesterday morning I finally got my first! After 3 stake outs in the high seat covering the field the farmer told me he regularly sees 9 roe in produced nothing both myself and my mate thought it was a lie! I had no deer! A glimpse sighting of some through a hedge on land I couldn’t shoot...
  12. TonyC

    For Sale: Blaser r93 straight pull rifle .308 calibre

    Complete with Ø Magazine (4 shot) Ø Pro success ambidextrous stock with sling points and tripod mount. Ø Moderator – DPT 30 cal (almost new) Ø 1-4 x 24 Konuspro-M30 red dot scope Ø Blaser QR scope mount with both 30 mm and 26mm rings Ø Blaser 2 barrel...
  13. G

    Glasgow Herald and deer.

    If you haven’t much to do and want to get your blood pressure up, may I suggest you google - Glasgow Herald & SNH & Deer & Assynt Plenty to gnash about in there as several items will come up on the page. Of course, not everybody in this fine forum is likely to be affected by the machinations of...

    Available: Spanish Ibex Hunting and the Ibex Grand

    Contact A1Decoy on 0117 3039227 or visit our website W3.CSS for more information!
  15. dmouland

    Adjusting the triggers on a Baikal MP221 side by side rifle

    Hi all, After advice on how i can personally adjust the triggers on a Baikal mp221 double rifle in 3006 cal? They are a staggering 7.5lbs. Ideal weight would be 3-4 lbs. Thanks
  16. A

    For Sale: Williams Tall Glass Door Fridge

    Williams tall glass front fridge Stainless Steel. Come with internal fan to keep air fresh and circulation thorough. Internal dimensions are 25" deep 23" wide 53" tall. Full working condition with no issues. Inspection welcome. Fully gased with refrigerant. Great for hanging deer carcasses...
  17. G

    Not new but just moved to the UK from Ireland in March

    Hi I have justed moved to the UK from Ireland and now living in Markyate near St Albans. Just after filling out and submitting firearms paperwork and not sure how long that will take to process. An avid deer stalker with plenty of ground in Ireland, which I will be flying back to as much as...
  18. Peterm

    Available: BASC Training courses for 2017

    All BASC training courses can be found hear DSC 1 courses can be found hear If there is not a course in your area, or the right type of...

    Available: Gold Medal Fallow Stalking Cqech Republic 150€

    GOLD MEDAL FALLOW DEER CZECH REPUBLIC Stalking any 2-3 days between 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th 7th October 150 euro a day Area is 9000 hectares 180 cic points 1600E + 1 p cic is 100E 200 cic points 3600E + 1p point cic 150E Flight easy jet Gatwick or Bristol £80 or £200 ish with bag and Gun return...
  20. Peterm

    Available: Deer culling experience

    We have three vacancies on the intermediate deer course in Houghton hall in Norfolk on the 3rd December. A great was to improve your skills Peter