1. For Sale: Polar Fridge / chiller

    polar fridge could be used as a chiller built in fan works great digital thermostat £250 colchester essex 70cm D 78cm W 189cm H
  2. Occasional Stalker with interest to do more

    Hi I am an occasional stalker and usually go with an experienced Deer Stalker/Manager. Have become increasingly interested in countryside matters and am keen to learn more. I also beat on a few occasions with my untrained English Springer (he’s getting there!) in South Wales. Thanks
  3. Hi

    Hi Passionate hunter based in Surrey’ looking for deer stalking opportunities and interested in rifles and associated optics. Used to ahoot a lot in France aome time ago.
  4. Available: Pre DSC 1 courses (BASC)

    For those with little or no experience of deer stalking or the use of rifles it is advised to do the one day Pre-DSC 1 course before taking the DSC 1 course Upcoming Events Pre DSC1 - The Red Lion, Dorset **Fully Booked** 01/06/2024 All Day Deer Stalking Pre DSC1 The Red Lion, Beaminster Dorset...
  5. Available: DSC 1 courses (BASC)

    Below are the DSC 1 courses planned for this year Deer Stalking Certificate 1 - Kernow Training, Cornwall 17/06/2024 - 20/06/2024 All Day Deer Stalking Certificate 1 Kernow Training Group, Summercourt, Newquay Cornwall Deer Stalking Certificate 1 - Elveden Estate, Norfolk **Fully Booked**...
  6. Available: DSC 1 courses available

    Deer Stalking Certificate 1 Deer Stalking Certificate 1 - Royal Agricultural University, Gloucestershire **Fully Booked** 13/09/2023 - 16/09/2023 All Day Deer Stalking Certificate 1 Royal Agricultural University, Gloucestershire Deer Stalking Certificate 1 - Wadhurst, East Sussex **Fully...
  7. Intro from a new member

    Hi, New to deer stalking and recently completed DSC1 with the BDS. Based in the Shropshire area and interested in all aspects of stalking and deer management. In the process of applying for a FAC so looking at .308 and 17HMR rifles. Starting to build the gear and will get some dry and live...
  8. New Member, North Yorkshire

    Afternoon All, I‘ve joined the directory after a recommendation from a friend, for the wealth of information and advice available on here and for the access to second hand quality rifles, accessories etc. Bit about me… I‘m 27, living in North Yorkshire all me life. Held my Shotgun Cert and...
  9. Alex introduction

    Hi I'm a stalker based in Gloucestershire, although I also cover ground around Somerset. I also carry out fox control for 2 shoots and numerous farms. I have joined due to being in the market for a thermal spotter with LRF. Thanks
  10. Sold: 6 UK Deer Species Framed Print

    A colour print, looks to be on quality paper with a decent frame. Size 53x43cm £45 posted
  11. Sold: Muslin Deer Carcass Bags and Blue Gloves

    For sale x9 Allen brand muslin deer carcass bags and x1 box of blue disposable gloves size large New £35 posted
  12. Field Gralloch

    Anyone gralloching in the field with a tree pulley and gambrel? Where do you buy yours from and what are the best / strongest products out there? Thanks again
  13. Factory copper ammo for 6.5mm creedmoor

    What are folk using and they find is regularly available?
  14. Hello from Cheshire

    Afternoon all, My names Kieran, I’m 22 from Cheshire, I’m looking to find somewhere to have a go at some stalking at a push in Cheshire or if not as close as possible for now. I’ve been shooting shotguns since I was 10 picking at small game. I have experience with Rifles from the Army 5.56/7.62...
  15. Available: Intermediate deer course

    For those aspiring to do their DSC 2, this is a great way to gain experience Intermediate Deer Course - Thoresby Estate, Nottingham 03/11/2022 - 04/11/2022 All Day Thoresby Estate, Ollerton Nottinghamshire Intermediate Deer Course - Baronscourt, Co. Tyrone 04/11/2022 - 05/11/2022 All Day...
  16. Available: Pre DSC 1 courses

    These courses are ideal for those with limited experience of deer stalking wishing to do their DSC 1 course. Pre DSC1 - Thimbleby Shooting Ground, North Yorkshire 14/11/2022 All Day Thimbleby Shooting Ground, Northallerton North Yorkshire Pre DSC1 - BASC Scotland, Trochry 22/02/2023 All...
  17. Sold: Blaser "dual brake" muzzle brake/break - M15 X 1

    Bought because I tried someone else's and found it very effective. Ideal for driven hunts or long walks where you don't want to carry or swing a mod around. Sold the rifle it was going to go on to buy something else, so this never got used. £150. New they are £300. Not certificated, so no...
  18. Sold: Swarovski z6i 5-30 x 50 BT (HD/mark 2)

    This lovely scope is sadly languishing in my cabinet and hardly sees the light of day. Time has come to swap it out for something new that will get more use. In very good condition overall. It has a minor rub mark to the objective bell and the lenses are generally very good but do have the...
  19. Sausages!

    Just done a nice Venison sausage and Pork belly mix. Course grind of 2.5 kg pork belly and 4.5KG Venison, then a fine grind. Refridgerating between cuts and grinds. Weschenfelder game and Venison seasoning mix, 0.5KG of rusk and 1litre of cold water. Well mixed by hand. Refridgerated for a...
  20. Available: Deer butchery course (1day £175pp)

    24th September or 23rd October 2022 Max 4 people £175pp including lunch Forest of Bowland, Lancashire Whole deer carcass butchery course will include: Understanding native breeds. Hanging carcass Learn how to skin and joint and the primal cuts. Butchery techniques and knife skills. Seam...