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  1. Extra pair of hands.

    Hello Any gamekeepers or stalkers in the Moray/Aberdeenshire area that could use a extra pair of hands at the weekend or nights? I'm looking to gain some knowledge and experience while job hunting. I have 12 months experience working on a Highland Estate as a Deer management and Estate...
  2. Reasonably new to stalking - Devon and Cornwall - Help

    Hi Everyone, I was just wondering if any of you experienced stalkers in Devon and Cornwall would be willing to take on a reasonably new stalker as an apprentice kind of thing? I don’t have any permissions and the only time I get to go out is with a friend once every couple of months, and he...
  3. Wanted: Deer stalking experience Somerset or West Country

    Hi, I'm really keen to get some deer stalking experience in Somerset or West Country area. I've always been keen on shooting Rabbits with an airgun ......this is a big step up I know! I have booked on to a DSC1 course in March which should provide me with some basic skills and knowledge...
  4. Just say hello to your guys!

    Good morning, you guys. Nice to be one member here. Hope to learn from your hunting experience and share stories. Tks.:D
  5. Hi there! Can you help me? (James in Mid Sussex)

    I have been rabbit and pigeon shooting with my air-rifle for the last couple of years with the sole purpose to eat what I shoot and I have loved every minute. I have come across deer a few times when out at night and I have often wondered how deer are hunted and gralloched as it is a whole...
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