first deer

  1. Tulloch

    Another first for another person this year.

    I enjoy stalking , I have been involved in stalking since I was just young. Not many people know that my father was an assistant stalker and farm hand, my grandfather (my mothers father) was a shepherd who use to shoot gees and was a stalker in the borders. My other grandfather used to enjoy...
  2. J

    Wanted: Stalking experience advice.

    Hello everybody, Quick bit of background, Im a 20 year old who has a DSC level 1 and I've just bought my first .243. However I have a problem! In September I'm going into the navy as a mine clearance diver, I was planning on doing a BASC cull week on the Isle of Arran, but that has squashed...
  3. C

    My first!!!

    Hi all as I said in the introduction to the forum I'm a novice to deer stalking and have only dipped a toe into what has now become as my wife puts it "an obsession", I'm an Oxfordshire lad through and through and until I was in my early 20's had never seen a rifle let alone picked one up which...
  4. C

    My First Deer

    Well I'm pretty new to deer stalking having just done my DSC1 back in January and had two stalks spying deer but not able to get a shot, I thoroughly enjoyed these days but they still left me looking for my first deer. Well it's been third time lucky for me when I was fortunate enough to be...
  5. Alantoo

    A Grand Day Out

    Had a cracking day with Paul Hill of Corinium Range (HME) yesterday. Starting at the range for a refresher with the .308 and then the afternoon on his ground. The huge estate was most impressive and has a large commercial pheasant shoot. The deer are rapidly repopulating the area after the end...