Another first for another person this year.


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I enjoy stalking , I have been involved in stalking since I was just young.

Not many people know that my father was an assistant stalker and farm hand, my grandfather (my mothers father) was a shepherd who use to shoot gees and was a stalker in the borders. My other grandfather used to enjoy the pheasants and Grouse as well as working in the outdoors also. I have been around it most of my life as well as the hospitality industry.

I shot my first deer when I was 13 but performed my first gralloch a little younger, so the smell of deer has been on my skin for a very long time, I am 40 now.

I took a break for a long time from shooting because I was in a "hostile" job that took up a lot of time and would have clearly effected my FAC, so I gave it up for around 10 years but I definitely tried to keep up to date with everything.

For almost the past 10 years I have been back into shooting though and when I came back into it I promised myself I would get fully involved and I would make it my mission to make sure I got 1 person a year their first deer.

So for the last 6 years at least I have managed to keep that promise and yesterday I managed to keep that promise up.

A land I knew on social media made the journey up from Wales to come tag along with me for a night. He travelled 12 to 15 hours to come get a chance of a deer free of charge, madness I know.

Anyways after hitting a blank at the first location where I managed one but he hadn't we went a small croft I have permission on and he managed to get himself a nice little roe buck, and I think he was well chuffed.

After spotting the deer and being able to monitor its movements I allowed the lad to do the stalk, with my supervision from a distance and on the radio, on his own and he did exactly as I suggested him too and after a short stalk and a very tight crawl and a long wait he got what he came for and I was over the moon.

The night also landed up being quite a mixed bag, I shot a deer, he shot a deer, then I allowed him to shoot a few rabbits as he brought his .17hmr a long and then I stalked around 300yrds into a fox that ended up in success but not without a challenge across an open field.

After a 12 hour visit with me he left and I carried on and by mid day today I managed to get a further 2 deer and another fox. so all in all a very funfilled shooting weekend.

I do like helping guys out and doing my bit for the industry, hopefully he now has the stalking bug and maybe next time we will get him a red or a sika, he is welcome back anytime.




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Good work Tulloch nice to encourage new folk into this world of ours


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Well done. Us newbies do like to know there are people willing to help.

In the short time I've been on here I've been offered hands on reloading help and the chance at a stalk.

You guys rock! :tiphat:


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Great story. Easy to take for granted what you have, but can be a real tricky sport to get into. Not sure if I would fully trust someone through social media though- well done!