game dealer

  1. Current carcass prices per kg?

    Can anyone advise the current prices game dealers pay for venison?
  2. Game dealer

    Good evening all, does anyone know of a game dealer in the North East (near Morpeth Northumberland) that I can drop off or they can pick up from my larder? thanks Marc
  3. Looking for new game dealer in Wilts/Hants area.

    I have learned today that Blackmoor Game, the dealer I have been using for 6+ years now is closing shop as of February (not sure when), so far no more detail given. We have Hampshire game on the doorstep, but he won't collect and last time we enquired was about 30% below Blackmoor's rates. I...
  4. Accommodation & Use of a Larder in Perthshire / Dunblane

    We are after some B&B accommodation in the Perthshire area, near Dunblane would be best. So any recommendations would be good. Also we are after either the accommodation to have a larder / chiller facility or someone who would let the larder for a week, or just a space in the larder for use to...