1. John Norris

    Infrared and Camouflage do deer see it like this?

    Take a look at these two photos same trousers one photo in daylight and the other with some daylight but taken with my game cam with infrared light, is this how deer see them??
  2. T

    Hello From The Night Vision Show

    Just wanted to say hello to you all and introduce ourselves. We work closely with people from the likes of Pulsar, Yukon, Starlight NV, Scott Country International, Thomas Jacks and Thermoteknix to name but a few. We are a monthly online TV show that airs via Youtube, and we cover the night...
  3. S

    Starlight Arrow Digital Add On - Official Images and review

    Hello all We have been asked for images of the new Starlight Arrow from people who could not make it to the launch at the British Shooting Show last weekend. We collected the pre production samples the evening before the show, so had little time to take any images etc and only had what was...
  4. S

    New £125 Night Master NM400IR illuminator arrived.

    Hello We just took delivery of the fantastic new Night Master NM400IR. Will be put to the test this weekend at our Night Vision Expo on the new Pulsar Forward DFA75, but with 400m illumination and 200m realistic detection and a retail price of just under £125, this device is going to fly this...
  5. S

    Scott Country Night Vision Demo Weekend: Free Tickets

    Hi all, tickets are going fast for this event. Lots to see and do for stalkers, vermin controllers and wildlife photographers alike. Minutes off J42 of the M6 at Carlisle. Mike Powell from Sporting Rifle, TV and Radio broadcaster Darren Perks on using Night Vision for his work with the media...
  6. S

    Sporting Rifle Photon Night Vision Review.

    Hello, For those of you interested in Night Vision, Sporting Rifle and Countrymans Weekly have just published reviews of the new Yukon Photon Digital Night Vision. As we advertise with them they have kindly allowed me to publish them on our website. Click the link below to read them online...
  7. S

    Yukon Photon Night Vision Update

    Hello all. We can now confirm that we have been informed that we are due to receive our first batch of 25 Yukon Photon Digital Night Vision riflescopes by the end of this month. So anyone with a pre-order (from the initial 25) will be getting a phone call very soon to take the balance payment...
  8. S

    Night Vision Demo Units - 7 Day Trial

    Hello, We get a lot of PM's and emails from forum members asking about our NV demo units so thought we would do an update. We currently offer the following units for demo purposes, where you can try at home before you commit to owning a unit. This gives you the opportunity to see if its right...