novice stalking

  1. W

    Introduction Post

    Hello everyone, I've been introduced to stalking indirectly through listening to "The Joe Rogan Experience" podcast and watching "MeatEater" on Netflix. These guys primarily focus on hunting in the US. They speak so passionately about it that I wanted to try it and stalking is the closest that...
  2. A

    Hello - novice looking to learn

    Hi Everyone, My name is Adam, from Surrey. I've done target shooting since school but only got my FAC last year so still building my armoury (currently .22, .308 and Section 1 shotgun). I'm close to Bisley so I try to get as much range time as possible to get my (target) shooting skills up to...
  3. GGC96

    Reasonably new to stalking - Devon and Cornwall - Help

    Hi Everyone, I was just wondering if any of you experienced stalkers in Devon and Cornwall would be willing to take on a reasonably new stalker as an apprentice kind of thing? I don’t have any permissions and the only time I get to go out is with a friend once every couple of months, and he...
  4. B

    Complete Novice With A Passion For Adventure

    Hello, Ok, Complete novice, very keen to get into deer stalking (especially in highlands & other arduous terrain). I am physically fit, love a challenge & was recommended this site/forum as I have no idea where to start my journey into Deer Stalking.
  5. C

    My first!!!

    Hi all as I said in the introduction to the forum I'm a novice to deer stalking and have only dipped a toe into what has now become as my wife puts it "an obsession", I'm an Oxfordshire lad through and through and until I was in my early 20's had never seen a rifle let alone picked one up which...
  6. Cry Havoc

    Hi Everyone

    Hi, I'm so new to stalking that I've not actually been...! I have recently joined a local rifle club to help bring my grouping down and joined the BDS in Feb this year. Today I went to Attingham Deer Park and met with some very knowledgable people. I plan on going on some stalks this winter and...
  7. M

    Hello Everyone

    I just thought I would say hi and see whether there were any opportunities for some novice stalking in Yorkshire. I have my DSC1 and I've started my DSC2. I'm interested in getting involved in some regular, local population management rather than trophy hunting but I've found it extremely...