reloading components

  1. For Sale: Reloading bits

    Hi all. I have a bit of a surplus on reloading bits and bobs. HORNADY LNL OAL STRAIGHT GAUGE brand new - £50 plus postage LEE RIFLE PACESETTER 3 DIE SET WITH FACTORY CRIMP DIE and LEE RIFLE CHARGING DIE .308 - £60 plus postage Lee safety powder scale - £15 plus postage Lee Case length Gauge...
  2. Wanted: 204. Cases/ Bullet Heads

    Looking for UNFIRED/ ONCE FIRED .204R cases. Stored in good condition. Hornady, Federal, Remington. Thanks Bruce
  3. For Sale: Brass & bullets 7x65R, 7x57 .375"H&H .300" Rook 8x58R .25" .333" & .338" Bullets

    Having a clear out of brass and bullets. 100 .22" 52grain BTHP Match £20 SOLD 50 .25 120 grain Nosler Partition spitzer 35643 £30 SOLD 52 .25 Barnes 75 grain X bullets £25 SOLD 100 .25" 100 grain JSP flat based with cannelure £25 100 .25 100 grain JSP flat based with cannelure £25 100 7mm sierra...
  4. Sold: Lee Auto Prime (L&S) & #2 Shellholder

    Lee Auto Prime (with fittings for large and small primers) and #2 Shellholder Well used but still does the job £14.50 posted
  5. For Sale: Knocking it on the head Sale

    Hi Guys, Due to not having time to stalk in the UK and struggling to find permissions I'm selling up. There are a list of items below, hopefully it'll go as one but not troubles selling individually with P&P adjusted. Reloading bench and Lee reloading press, scales, brass holder - £80...
  6. Wanted: .204 die set

    Waiting for my variation coming through. In the mean time, I am looking for reloading dies, brass, etc. any help courser
  7. Introduction NITROX76

    Good evening, I subscribe this group because I'm a new shooter that love long distance PRS and reloading. My first and actual rifle is a Savage 110 High Country in 6.5 PRC with MDT Chassis. I need help with relaoding 6.5 PRC; vihtavuori powder and 140gr Hornady bullets.
  8. Barnes TTSX 130gr in .30

    Does anyone know where I can buy some Barnes TTSX 130gr bullets to reload in .30 calibre? I've run out and can't seem to find any more anywhere! Thanks Tom
  9. Fox Lead Free Homeloads

    Hi All, One of my landowners has asked that I only use lead free ammunition going forward. I've therefore ordered some lead free bullets from Fox for me to reload. I've gone for 150gr bullets in .308. I'll be reloading them in Sako brass with CCI primers with N140 powder. Has anyone got any...
  10. Bullet Heads used in Sako Superhammerhead .308?

    Hi There, Does anyone know what bullet heads Sako uses in their 150gr .308 Superhammerhead ammunition? Thanks Tom
  11. Thoughts on Barnes TTSX BT Bullet Heads

    Hi Guys, First real post on this. Recently picked up box of Barnes TTSX Cooper 130gr bullet heads for my .270, one of my permissions is interested in me giving them a shot. Just wanted to hear a few opinions from folk that have used them as I am not too convinced after speak with a good pal...
  12. Problem with RCBS Press

    Hey guys, Just picked up a new RCBS Press from Sportsman in Newport, brought it home and set it up on my work bench but have trouble with getting the shell holder into the slot on the ram! Any ideas? I have both a RCBS shell holder and a Lee universal holder and neither will fit!