reloading components

  1. For Sale: Bullets: .308, 7mm/.284, 6mm/.243, .224

    Bullets for sale. (Some old style packaging, some tatty boxes, those labelled "pulled" were not crimped and neck tension less than 2thou) Prices include UK postage. Advertised elsewhere. .308 48x Sierra No.2160 180gr Spitzer Boat tail. V old style packaging £15 100x Sierra No.2123...
  2. For Sale: Lincoln 10 bore o/u and reloading equipment

    Selling my lincoln 10 bore as i do not really use it that often and its a bit long in the stock for me . So for sale is - -Lincoln 10 bore no2 over and under non ejector 32in barrels , in good condition , dont think it has ever seen a marsh (see photos) -MEC 600 10g press with new a new crimping...
  3. Sold: RCBS FL Die Set .223 REM (P/N 11101 Group A Dies)

    I have a RCBS FL Die Set .223 REM (P/N 11101 Group A Dies) for sale. This is BRAND NEW, never used. There is a F/L sizing/decapping die and a seating die in a green plastic die holder box. £35.00 inc postage.
  4. Wanted: High quality reloading equipment

    Hi all. I'm looking into reloading for my 223-243 and 308 Blaser R8. I would like some recommendations on the best quality equipment manufacturer(s), I will be looking at the complete package, so if any of the retailers can pull the complete package together send me a PM and I will provide my...
  5. Sold: Reloading kit for 270

    About to start the art, and wanting to know if anyone has a set-up they're selling, or hadn't considered selling until they saw this... Many thanks - Oager
  6. Problem with RCBS Press

    Hey guys, Just picked up a new RCBS Press from Sportsman in Newport, brought it home and set it up on my work bench but have trouble with getting the shell holder into the slot on the ram! Any ideas? I have both a RCBS shell holder and a Lee universal holder and neither will fit!