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Hi All,

One of my landowners has asked that I only use lead free ammunition going forward. I've therefore ordered some lead free bullets from Fox for me to reload. I've gone for 150gr bullets in .308. I'll be reloading them in Sako brass with CCI primers with N140 powder.

Has anyone got any experience with reloading Fox bullets? The bullets are much longer than 'conventional' ones - the Fox 150gr bullets are 32.17mm in length compared to 27.73mm for a Sierra Game King. I'm a tad worried I'll end up with compressed loads in order to get the COAL to fit my magazine!

Any help much appreciated.



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Ed from Edinburgh rifles is your man!!he knows all about these and is on sd.
I've emailed him as I bought the bullets from him, but wondered if anyone else has any experience with them! I've also been asked to write a review on them, so as much feedback as I can get the better.

Tom D

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I'm pretty sure Ed's mantra is load to the standard COL for the caliber, however if you want to measure your mag length and subtract a couple of mil for smooth feeding that should work. I've not tried lead free as I'm waiting for new stock to arrive with Ed. but I have loaded Amax to mag length before and they were still well into the neck. Just check that your not going to jam them into the lands if the magazine is quite long, that's the first thing you should check really.;)

Edinburgh Rifles

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compression is not a problem
Factory 130gr load is 110% case fill
All the Factory loads in 308 are at 69.5mm to the tip

the conical ogive gives an engagement point that is significantly further forward than the standard secant or tangent ogive
leads to a shorter OAL
But the bullets are also much shorter than equivalent non lead designs (Flat base, cone point)

we can run any quickload for any combination of powder and bullet
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