1. JMikeyH

    Sold: Hatsan Escort Luxano

    Selling one of my Hatsan Escorts, it is the Luxano model, it comes with a spare barrel, 2 chokes (1/4 and 1/2) and choke key and a hard carry case. 3 inch chamber. It's been well looked after but has a few marks consistent with use in the hide and rough shooting. Goes without saying that it...
  2. dmouland

    For Sale: J.G. BRUNN 10B side by side Damascus Nitro-reproofed £800

    Re-advertised 2 5/8'' inch chamber, black powder and nitro-reproofed. Section 2 only! Not classed as sect 58 (antique) due to the nitro-reproofing that occured in its lifetime, confirmed by Birmingham proof house. Rotary under lever. cylinder and improved cylinder Beautiful wood stock and...
  3. dmouland

    For Sale: Yildiz single barrel .410 folding £120.00

    USED YILDIZ SINGLE BARREL .410 - 3'' CHAMBER SINGLE 28'' BARREL WOOD STOCK FOLDING SHOTGUN IN GOOD CONDITION WITH FIXED FULL CHOKE - £120.00 Short in stock but has slice of the wood stock to fit in the butt to extend it. £25 rfd to rfd if required.
  4. dmouland

    For Sale: Used AYA NO. 4 Side by Side 12Bore Boxlock £500.00 recent proof

    Recent proof - 2019. Nice blue on barrel and some colour hardening to boxlock. Stock is good but in need of a little oil in places, a couple of small patches, however I will give it a little oil where required as well as multiple coatings of gun stock wax (4/5 coats and a buff-up after...
  5. dmouland

    For Sale: Webley and Scott Sidelock s/s 3000 series - Multichoke Ejector 20bore. Ex-demo

    An Immaculate ex-demo example WEBLEY AND SCOTT SIDE BY SIDE 20BORE - 3000 series. - Sidelock - real sidelock model not just a plate -Ejector Manufacturered somepoint from 2013 onwards. Multi-choke with choke set Double trigger full dark black bluing - immaculate immaculate bores excellent...
  6. madyarra

    Wanted: Pigeon shooting Scottish Borders

    I would like to get in to more shotgun shooting over the summer as I don’t stalk during the buck season. I already shoot clays and the odd pheasant day but would like to get in to pigeon shooting/decoying. Ideal if I could bring a mate aswell, we are both insured and experienced/safe shots and...
  7. DJB266

    For Sale: Mossberg New Haven 600AT FAC 12G

    Hi, selling my Mossberg New Haven 600AT pump action shotgun. FAC 5 + 1 so requires section 1 authorisation to acquire. 27.5” barrel, 14” stock/LOP. Fibre optic bead, multi choke, 3” chamber. Used well but in reasonable condition and fully functioning. Small dent to fore end, usual marks on mag...
  8. G

    Hi everyone

    Afternoon all, I'm relatively new to shooting, from Hampshire, looking to find a DIY syndicate in either Hampshire or West Sussex. Willing and happy to do anything I can to learn and help out! Thanks!
  9. dmouland

    Sold: Leather Cartridge bag, leather cartridge belt and other bits JOB LOT

    job lot box 1 x leather cartridge bag 1 x 12b leather cartridge belt 2 x set of ear defenders 2 x metal 12b snap caps £40 posted.
  10. dmouland

    For Sale: 10 Bore cartridge x 50

    collection only near Brighton, East Sussex - 30 x 2 5/8'' 1 & 1/2 oz 10bore nitro cartidges in number 6 lead - 20 x 2 5/8'' 1 & 1/4oz 10bore black powder cartridges in number 6 lead Job lot collected £80.00
  11. dmouland

    For Sale: List of Shotguns for sale

  12. R

    For Sale: Webley and Scott Unused 12 Bore (3in) ‘Jenson Series’ Single Trigger O/U

    Unused 12 bore (3in) ‘Jenson Series’ single trigger hand-detachable sidelock over and under ejector. 30in, nitro barrels with ventilated mid-rib and 8mm matt top-rib, 3in chambers, multichokes, hold open top lever, manual safety, hand-detachable lockplates, cocking indicators, border and partial...
  13. dmouland

    Sold: Hushpower pump Mossberg 410

    For sale: Synthetic mossberg 3 shot .410 pump action Hushpower (section 2 - shotgun license.) Less than 200 shells through it from new, selling as just don't use it enough and need the money for other projects. Very good condition. Price is £420, this includes rfd to rfd transfer to...
  14. Freeforester

    Sold: Laurona o/u 12g multichoke, lovely walnut stock

    As above, with key and 5 chokes included £350, excellent condition, cabinet queen cull victim. please pm for pics and details, serious enquirers only, thank you. ps out all day, responses first dealt with this evening, thanks.
  15. R

    Sold: Winchester Super Grade XTR 12g O/U

    This is a Winchester Super Grade XTR 12g o/u ejector, single trigger selector, 27in barrels, cyl+cyl, barrels in excellent condition inside, a few small external marks as shown in pics but overall this gun is in good condition, £625.00 ono. East Sussex. Tel 07961850430
  16. S

    Sold: Super Lanber 12 gauge O/U

    Hi all, for sale is a 12 gauge Super Lanber. 28" barrels, single trigger, ejector, multi-choke. It's a mechanically perfect gun that's been used but well cared for. Gunsmith serviced two years ago, been used twice since then. Some marks on stock and wear to bluing to be expected with normal...
  17. G

    Hello from Kent

    Hello everyone, I have just recently joined the stalking directory and wanted to say hello. A little back ground on my interests, I was raised on a farm (and still involved in agriculture as an advisor), I mainly use shot guns and use air rifles in pest control. My main interests normally...
  18. E

    For Sale: Hatsan Escort 7+1 FAC Shotgun

    Great condition Hatsan Escort 7+1 Pump Action Shotgun. Very little use, never had any issues at all with it. Comes with pistol grip stock and ghost ring target sights as well as 5 chokes. Can RFD at cost, any questions please ask. £275 ono
  19. tjm160

    Sold: Hatsan Arms Escort Magnum 3-Shot Semi-auto 12 Gauge (latest model) Shotgun Package

    Hatsan Arms Escort Magnum 3-Shot Semi-auto 12 Gauge Multi-choke (latest model with external chokes) Shotgun package, including sling, slip, cleaning kit, ~200 6-shot cartridges and bags, £200 please, no offers. Purchased in September 2013 after PX'ing my Browning 525 towards a .243, just to...
  20. Virbius

    For Sale: 16 bore cartridges

    I've sold my 16-bore and have no more need for the cartridges. 7 unopened boxes of the CRC and a bag of various - bag NOT included. £5 per box/25. I'm in South Norfolk near Wymondham.