1. Tanning a red hind hide

    Thought I'd have another go at tanning a hide. I did a roe previously which turned out well and has retained almost all of it's hair (wish I could say the same for me!). So here's a red hide I de-fleshed on an ash log using the blunt side of a drawer knife, then stretched on to a frame (only...
  2. Hi All

    Hi All, I hope this finds you well, I’m Rob from Rotherham based in South Yorkshire. I came across the site while looking for deer hides and to learn how to tan them. I’m involved in teaching history of the Victorian Era (Old West, USA and England). Hence my interest in deer skins and tanning...
  3. For Sale: The Karelian "Bear Hunter".

    The Karelian "Bear Hunter". Handcrafted in Russia by Expert Blade-Smith - Eduard Tichonov. Made for Professional Hunters and Big Game Specialists. Hand-carved handle made from lathed and smoothed, rich Karelian Birch. 100% Leather Sheaths - 1 x Buckle Sheath and 1 x Straight Sheath...
  4. Deer Hide Tanning

    Hi all, I'm looking to have a few deer hides tanned. I'm based in Oxfordshire. Can anyone recommend anywhere to send them? If possible, some costs would be great too!! Thanks Tom
  5. Fox skins and the law!

    Not deer related but can anybody help me out with where I would stand legally selling fox skins? I had a browse online but all I Could find was the outlawing of fur farming, nothing regarding the sale of fox furs from vermin control etc. Seems a shame to keep wasting them! Thanks in advance
  6. Roe skin tanning

    Hi there, So I had previously tried to tan a fallow skin and that didn't go so well( used vegetable oil method as substitute to brain tanning). I wanted to know if there might be someone around that does skin tanning ? It's a small roe doe and would like to make use of its skin. Thanks in...
  7. New to site - old hand at taxidermy and tanning

    Hello to all! I am based in North Wales. My interest is in taxidermy and tanning, having been in the trade for over 25 years with many hours spent sculpting and re-creating trophy mounts, rugs, skulls etc,etc. I was trained through the family business and enjoy both the technical and artistic...
  8. New to Tanning

    Just got in to tanning, after tanning my 1st Fallow and some foxes, i have been using the K-tan but im looking for an alternative that may be cheaper or has the capacity to do more skins within one pack. Would anyone be able to shed some light on this, and any info would be great! Cheers
  9. Tanning/Taxidermy/Fur

    Hi there, I'm a Fashion design student going into my third year at Uni. For my final collection I would love to use UK based fur. For my dissertation I am writing about fur as a bi-product, and the benefits of using fur in modern fashion. I have already contacted pest control in the UK and...