The Lucky Hunter
  1. Greetings

    Hello folks, I’m a hunting guide in Canada, looking for a well bred Teckel or BMH pup to bring to Canada for blood tracking moose, bear and deer.
  2. Teckel Tracker

    Not that long 'til the stags start and I'm needing a tracker for my Teckel. Now, it seems only sensible, being a prudent (not mean) Scot, to ask if anyone on here has a "pre owned" (as they call second hand nowadays) unit suitable for a wee dog like that. Obviously it's got to be a size that is...
  3. Have teckles been bred to keep a deer at bay... ?

    skipping the tracking, scenting discussion. does anyone know or have experienced teckles keeping deer singular (or indeed plural), at bay. Or, from your experience, would they insanely lay into one? Can anyone confirm they could have been bred for rounding deer towards the shooter? I can't...
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