1. How to CIC trophy prep?

    Hopefully this one can be pinned as I am sure it’s in the forum however I’m struggling to find it (min 4 letters search, does not help) Shot a nice (not great) muntjac and would like advice: 1. How to prepare trophy? 2. How to send to a measurer? Or 3. Do I hand deliver to a measurer? 4. Is it...
  2. Moy 2023 trophy images

    For those interested, a selection of trophies presented to the CIC UKTEB at the recent Moy Country Fair 🏆
  3. Mounting buck heads

    Have found this method of mounting heads very effective (and cheap), for when they're not being put in a permanent position. Washer + cable tie + wall hook.
  4. Hello

    Hi All, Good to be here celebrating the beautiful game of hunting. My name is Jodi Amas Lawrence and am the ED, Hunting Safari at Gashaka Gumti Games Reserve, a reserve with a diverse varieties of rare species of games like African Cape Buffalo, African Leopards,Lions,Elephants, Hippos...
  5. 1st Roe trophy

    Evening chaps, I have finally got round to cleaning my first roe buck skull and I must say I’m chuffed to bits with it! It took me until 2am Wednesday morning but I got there In the end!
  6. Available: Somerset Roe

    Roe buck stalking available. Walk and Stalk. High seat. DSC2 assessments All classes of buck in area starting at £75 Stalking fees £85/outing. Trophy Fees are £1/gram up to 500g of top skull without mandible. Additional wt in excess of 500g is charged at £9/gram. Weight will be determined 24...
  7. Cast antlers

    I apologise for this not technically being taxidermy or trophy preparation, but these are all trophy's in my eyes. These are from one stag over the last 5 years, the stag has now gone back and is only 12 points this year and so I hope to pull the trigger on him soon. Do many people find cast...
  8. Advice needed, Red skull attachment to shield

    After this skull has been whitened I will be looking to mount his on a shield, however i'm not to sure on the methods used. I was thinking of a strong glue but due to the weight this is a non starter! Can someone point me in the right direction or share your experiences? Also I'm looking for a...
  9. New to site - old hand at taxidermy and tanning

    Hello to all! I am based in North Wales. My interest is in taxidermy and tanning, having been in the trade for over 25 years with many hours spent sculpting and re-creating trophy mounts, rugs, skulls etc,etc. I was trained through the family business and enjoy both the technical and artistic...
  10. Overview - Preparing a Head/Trophy

    Since I was doing a couple of heads I thought I'd take the opportunity to take some photos of the process. As always, this is just the way I do it, there are plenty of folks on here who have been doing it a lot better and longer than me, so please chip in with suggestions etc. if you know a...
  11. Trophy hunter's embarrassment

    Apologies if this has been posted before: