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Hi All,
Good to be here celebrating the beautiful game of hunting.
My name is Jodi Amas Lawrence and am the ED, Hunting Safari at Gashaka Gumti Games Reserve, a reserve with a diverse varieties of rare species of games like African Cape Buffalo, African Leopards,Lions,Elephants, Hippos,
Chimpanzees,Antelops to mention a few.
I am excited to be here to share and expose our world to you.
Please feel free if you have any inquiries or questions.
Yours faithfully

Jodi Amas Lawrence
Executive Director - Hunting Safari
Gashaka Gumti Games Reserve


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Welcome but if your going to promote your business you will need trade membership. PLEASE amend the above post, or Admin will do it for you. I suggest you read the warning post at the top of the Introduction thread.

By the way Chimps are covered by CITIES and totally protected by law, and you are not allowed to hunt them. I find it odd that you have put them in your post!!

Thank you
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Well having checked you out it appears you are a scammer from Nigeria. Its a national Park so no hunting, and I see on several other forums that you have tried the same crap.
I have taken the liberty of ending your membership. Bye:lol:
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