1. Paid stalk and variation question

    Good afternoon you lovely people! I have a question about how it works regarding booking on a paid stalk and the person providing the service also providing a letter which would allow a variation? I have a closed ticket for target shooting and have been helping a friend out with some vermin...
  2. Variation

    I hello I am considering buying a new .243 I already have a .243 and I don't want two so my question is how I go about it do I sell it then apply for a variation or how does it work. Many thanks
  3. Selling / buying

    I have a .243 rifle if I wish to sell the rifle and replace it with another .243 how do I go about doing it just apply for a variation I am guessing ?
  4. Expanding ammo, new legislation. Some questions.

    On the BASC website, it says expanding ammo reverts to Sec 1 from May 2nd, 2017. I currently have FAC for target ammo only and was about to go through the prolonged variation process. Does it mean that from 2nd May onwards, people like me (who only have target ammo on FAC) can freely buy...
  5. South Yorkshire Firearms Licensing

    Hi All, After reading a post that I have been completely unable to re-find praising the efficiency of South Yorkshire police, I thought I would continue the 'credit where credit's due' attitude and add to it... but having been unable to find that post I have created a new thread! Submitted a...
  6. Herts and Beds Firearms Unit --- Any ideas how long for a Variation ?

    Anyone know how long Herts & Beds are turning over Variations at the minute ? sent mine in a week ago and just wondering if im in for a long or short wait ... window shopping for rifles is only fun for a little while!! :) thanks Tim
  7. In praise of my area Firearms Department

    Dropped my FAC in by hand on Friday 18th May, returned this morning with requested variations added - 8 business-day turn around. Truly outstanding, efficient and courteous service. Can anyone beat that?