1. R

    Sold: Winchester Super Grade XTR 12g O/U

    This is a Winchester Super Grade XTR 12g o/u ejector, single trigger selector, 27in barrels, cyl+cyl, barrels in excellent condition inside, a few small external marks as shown in pics but overall this gun is in good condition, £625.00 ono. East Sussex. Tel 07961850430
  2. S

    Sold: Winchester Model 70 Feather Weight .308

    Well the day has come to move this boy on. I'm selling my trusty .308! I bought this rifle from a gent that had it sitting his safe as a spare. Without even shooting it. I had it screw cut to 1/2" UNF with a target crown on it. This rifle will return very thight groups providing the shooter is...
  3. S

    Wanted: Winchester P14 Rear sight

    I'm looking for a nice original p14 rear sight to replace the PH5B currently on the rifle, which disqualifies me from entering WW1 iron sight competitions. Cheers James
  4. S

    For Sale: Winchester SX3 Flanigan Performance 12G PSG Section 1 Shotgun

    For sale is my Winchester SX3 Flanigan 12G Section 1 PSG Shotgun 2 ¾” & 3” Chamber Invector Plus (now known as “SX3 Performance”) – the reason for sale is I just don’t have the time to shoot PSG in this country now I’ve discovered FTR. The gun is two years old and has fired 250 shells which I...
  5. TobyH

    Wanted: Model 92/94 Lever action in 357/38

    Perhaps not the ideal forum for this but hey, worth a go! I'm looking for a used Model 92/94 Lever action in 357/38. Winchester or Rossi (not Marlin), but more likely Rossi with the funds I have, but willing to discuss for the right rifle. Quite like stainless as well. PM me if you have...
  6. K

    Newbie from Moray

    Hello All I am a recreational stalker. I stalk Roe here in Moray and would like to do some hill stalking before too long. I am also in a rough shoot syndicate but my main interest is in target shooting, principally FTR. Other interests are sailing, photography and videography (mostly of...