1. First Impressions and first rifle

    Hello all, chuffed to be part of the community. Have been out stalking for a couple of seasons now. Mainly Fallow and Roe in Highland Perthshire. Passed my DSC 1 in February and planning on sitting the DSC 2 later in the year. I have just been granted my FAC with slots for .308, .22 and 12ga...
  2. Sold: Winchester .22LR Subsonic 40gr (Australian) Boxed Ammunition (Bristol)

    *** Mods - please move if this not the correct section to post but it did not fit the definitions of Firearms/Firearms Components *** For sale, 20 10 boxes (1000 500 rounds) of Winchester .22LR 40gr subsonic ammunition (black boxes with plastic trays) for sale at £5/box of 50. Collection from...

    MASSIVE WINCHESTER COPPER LOADED AMMO JUST ARRIVED!! .243 85 GRAIN 20 RATE £35.90 200 RATE £323.00 .270 130 GRAIN 20 RATE £43.90 200 RATE £395.00 .308 150 GRAIN 20 RATE £45.30 200 RATE £408.00 .300 150 GRAIN 20 RATE £63.80 200 RATE £574.00 COLLECTION ONLY
  4. New member.

    I have some land in SW Michigan and like to collect and shoot older hammer side by sides, Drillings, combination guns and custom rifles. If you’re selling anything with engraving and/or beautiful wood please contact me. I love the Metric calibers. Also love old Winchester’s. -Ian
  5. Could the 6.8mm Rem SPC be a Second Coming for the .270 Winchester?

    This cartridge (6.8mm Rem SPC) was supposed to be the hot new thing a few years ago, with rumours of US Military wide adoption to replace the 5.56 NATO (meaning all of NATO would have to follow). From my research, it seems that things fizzled out due to trouble at Remington and certain US...
  6. Newbie from Moray

    Hello All I am a recreational stalker. I stalk Roe here in Moray and would like to do some hill stalking before too long. I am also in a rough shoot syndicate but my main interest is in target shooting, principally FTR. Other interests are sailing, photography and videography (mostly of...