Bit of Sausage training


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Hit n miss with sausage making so booked a course at Welbeck college.
Well covid test ,wash n scrub on arrival then a presentation on sausage "history ".
And a breakdown of the best selling factory sausage and comparison of a homemade 1. 40 % pork vs 80 % homemade, no brainer.
Demo of the stages of mixing and when to add n how much fat v meat.
Then its our turn pork leg meat,salt pepper and belly fat (20%).
Set up the trespade horizontal stuffer and fit the hog casing and away. Well pleased managed ok no burst .
Then 2nd mix all the spices,cheese or whatever you fancy so sweet paprika and tomato puree .
This went well even managed to link them without mishap ,a good course and some hope for my future sausage eating..


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Well done - those look excellent.

I’m now turning out an average of I guess 20 packs of 6 sausages a week.

At the real risk of this descending into a cornucopia of innuendo, I still struggle sometimes with linking sausages.

In general I have found that length and thickness are key (oo, er, missus ;) ).

A longer, thinner sausage is far easier to link than a short, over-filled one (where’s Kenneth Williams when you need him?)

Also keeping the skins moist helps (cue the Sid James laugh).

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You have to help the machine when filling sausages, don't let it do it its self, otherwise they will be over filled and difficult/impossible to link.
Many a happy day (back in my youth) preparing and making 80 pounds of pork and 40 pounds of beef sausages everyday.