Broadband concerns


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I am in an area where the broadband is steam driven, maybe 3/4 mile from a box with BT fibre in it. So slow is the send and return speeds that I was unable to download a 340 k byte file from my e-mail account today. Having bought a new teli, it happily helps itself to whatever broadband is available and just seems able to update itself without a problem. Apart from the extreme difficulties of living a life without the internet (when all is now geared to it), I genuinely wonder who is controlling or may be controlling telis etc etc as its own computer is programmed to download and upload, as it needs data and at a higher 'priority' and far quicker than the computer.
I will have to pay extra for a data only mobile chip to get any speed at all here - the phone broadband has all but stopped and satellite is an awful rip-off. What is more concerning is that there will be all these domestic devices using up my precious data allowance and seemingly doing it 'on - demand' from their own management systems.
Big brother is seemingly breathing down the back of our necks. Anyone else feel this way in remote areas?


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My speed was gradually getting slower and dropping the connection. It turned out to be bad connection in the cabinet 570 metres away. Back up to 50+ as soon as the man fixed it. No telly connected though.


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Only 1 incident here when a dumbass BT engineer took out the areas fibre "installing" someone,s connection otherwise 72 all day everyday.Our TV is an L.G and asks for permission to update rather than doing it off its own back.They,ve spent a couple of years running cables from the nearest big town 9 miles away before that 2 meg was your lot so very happy bunny now .As for data auto updates all my switched off so all done manually by me,no likkee no happeny