Dangerous Game Course



Based on the FGASA Advance Rifle Handling Assessment and the Special Knowledge & Skills Dangerous Game Rifle Assessment; this set of shooting exercises was originally designed for Game Rangers and PHs.

Purpose – what the day involves (and what it does not)

This is a fun day of shooting replicating those FGASA professional skills and tests. It has a serious side to it too, as it provides an opportunity:
  • For people to zero their medium and large caliber rifles from 50 to 300 yards
  • To get in some practice prior to a foreign trip
  • To improve handling and familiarity with the DG rifle
  • Improve familiarisation with the type of game likely to be encountered
  • To develop an understanding of the exercises and shooting skills in which Game Rangers and PH’s are required to demonstrate proficiency.
  • To provide an understanding of how a PH carries out his duties and how you, the client, fits into the picture
  • To establish a bi-annual shooting competition to compliment a DG course currently under development

This DG day is not designed to turn attendees into Game Rangers or PHs !

It is aimed at folks who
  • Are interested in an unusual and dynamic form of shooting competition
  • Are FAC holders of DG rifles and wish to get some practice in
  • Are interested in the topic of wildlife conservation, poaching and habitat loss
  • Might be involved in providing DG cover for expeditions or educational trips
  • Involved in game management in zoos and wildlife parks
  • Might be considering taking the FGASA route to game management
  • Just fancy something different


DG rifle owners with rifles conditioned to shoot on non home office approved ranges and ‘for the purposes of practice and zeroing’ on land suitable ..... etc etc – you get the picture. If your FAC only allows you to shoot your rifle abroad or on HO approved ranges, you can’t use it here.

All normal DG rifles from 9.3 to 500 Jeffery are eligible

FAC holders with calibers not traditionally considered appropriate for DG are also eligible (subject to the same FAC conditions) - so if you have a 308, 270 or 30 06 etc and just fancy the craic - come along

Don’t have an appropriate rifle or can’t use yours? We have a 9.3 x 62 rifle which you may borrow under estate rifle rules


Course will be hosted at a private range on Bodmin Moor, Cornwall. Details to be provided on booking

Course of Fire

Full details to be announced on the day

However, it will include both exercises and an informal competition involving:
  • Moving target of charging lion and buffalo using the Charge Box©
  • Full sized buffalo and lion targets
  • Range of plains game targets and DG targets and information posters
  • Rapid firing & reloading drills using Bianchi targets (also called the NRA D-1 target) at 25m, 20m, 15m
  • Walk down and engage targets exercise
  • Zeroing targets
Shooting will be off sticks (zeroing) or ‘out of hand’ (competition)


A full safety briefing will be given on arrival. It will include information on
  • Course of fire
  • Use of breach flags (provided)
  • Bolt open when moving from one target to another.
  • Rifle kept in slip when not on shooting line
  • RCOs, ROs and Sentries
  • Spectator areas and safe routes & pathways
Course numbers

Number of participants to be restricted to a max of 10


Ammo may be ordered in advance and (subject to availability) will be ready for you on the day

Quantity of ammo is up to you but a minimum of 20 rounds are needed to take part in the competition

Home loads may be used

You will be required to bring at least 3 ‘snap cap’ blank rounds that fit your rifle

Muscle Memory Drills

We are looking into the possibility of providing sessions using .22LR – thus providing practice without hurting either shoulder or wallet


For those coming a long way, the range provides basic bunkhouse accommodation and the option to camp. B & B is available in the area


To be announced - it will be one Saturday in August


£120 for the day inc BBQ lunch

That’s all folks


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That sounds awesome.
I’d like to come along if possible so please do let me know when you have a fixed date for it.
In the meantime I’ll keep practicing!
Good morning all

We have set the date for Saturday 17th Aug

Currently there are about 10 people who have expressed an interest

If interest grows further we will consider running a similar program the next day i.e 18th Aug

We feel it is important to keep numbers at a level that wont cause a lot of waiting around

If Sunday the 18th goes ahead and people from the Saturday want to stay on for the Sunday, we will work out a reduced cost for the second day - obviously that option only exists if the second day goes ahead

Can I ask all those attending on the 17th to confirm with a further PM including your full name and email address

We will require a £50 deposit to secure a place - This is fully refundable if you cancel before 1 Aug - thereafter, sadly, no refund can be given

Balance will also be due by 1st Aug

I will see whether accommodation may be available for the Friday night at the range for those coming a long way - it is summer after all and we get inundated with M5 / A30 traffic on Saturdays !

Please indicate whether you would like to stay over on Friday night when booking a place

All those I've been in contact with have preliminary places booked

Further details will be sent via email

Cheers for now

Bunkhouse accommodation is available at the range for Friday night and/or Saturday night (if we end up with a two day event)

Cost is £10 per person per night

Please let me know if it is required

A suggestion

You might consider one of the shoulder protectors like the Musto D30 Recoil Reducer Shield

Ordinarily I would recommend that you wear what you would on a normal shooting / hunting day however the above is a god send when shooting an abnormally large quantity of ammo and will help prevent a sore shoulder from spoiling a great day (or two)

I was using mine for the first time yesterday - it is a brilliant bit of kit

Well done NigelM



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Myself and 3 others would like to come along (maybe 1 other) :-

.300 win mag

If you have available spaces

Thanks manny
I plan to run this annually as a fun competition

This event in August kind of falls between 2 stools - it is in part a training course and in part a fun comp / informal practice

In the future I plan to separate the training and the shooting comp/event - running two separate elements


I'm also working on a training course - the idea is to get it certificated by BASC or equiv

NOT as yet another device to force people to jump through more hoops but for those who might need some evidence of attendance and proof that the course is approved by some authoritative body

I used to be Safety Adviser to a well known Safari Park and know that the Head of Dept holds/held a .375 H&H in case of escapes

When I was there we struggled to find an appropriate training course for staff authorised to use it - I suspected that it was merely a cabinet queen and rarely saw the light of day

I can see some value in a regular training program for zoo and safari Park staff and also a separate fun competition for interested folk

So yes Sjambok - next year I'll choose a date to fit the game industry

I had thought to have it just before the beginning of the game season, but your idea is also possible - do you have any suggested dates?

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