Devcon bedding


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Hi all I have read that devcon bedding is a good way to bed a stock. I'm told that natural boot polish will work on the action as a release agent. Is this correct?
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Clear Kiwi shoe polish out of a tin (waxy type) works very well. I would wax well, let dry and then polish. Apply a second coat of wax again, let dry and only wipe very lightly over with a dry cloth.
Do a test on a scrap piece of metal first to see if it releases, if you are not sure.
I used polish on one rifle and it was ok but still found it a bit sticky. Used silicon spray on another and it was so much better. Gets into all the nooks and crannies and gives a more even coat. The action came out just as easy as before I stuck it in.


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All of the above. I used clear shoe polish rubbed into the metal then dusted it with silicone spray. No fuss at all in releasing.


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Silicone spray is banned in many workshops or factories. Makes painting anything difficult.

Why would one not use real epoxy release agent? Normally that would be the first port of call, or?...not household remedies.
I often use two based release agents. Wax and PVA designed to work together for critical bedding jobs.



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Try and find some Mirrorglaze mould release wax, we use it on all of our carbon/steel moulds, ive bedded 4-5 actions with this , and it works very well.