Earshot Communications Ltd


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Excellent service from this company and would highly recommend. My well out of warranty Peltor SporTac ear defenders developed a fault. The first two repair companies I contacted said parts and labour would be more than the price of a new pair without seeing them. Contacting Earshot the response was ‘send them in and we’ll have a look and give you a free estimate, if you decide not to go ahead with a repair it will only cost the postage if you want them back’.
Headset duly sent in, telephone call received from Earshot’s workshop on the day they were received, repair agreed, an email and another phone call received to arrange return of repaired item and job done. Repaired headset received back within a week of sending them in for a very modest cost.
It’s great to find a company which still gives excellent personal service.


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Only if more companies focused on spending their ad budget on improving customer services.

Donkey Basher

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+1 for Earshot Communications. Have used them several times over the years to buy new ear defenders & repair parts. Always had great service from them & one of a very small number of outfits I regularly recommend to people coming into the sport. Which reminds me, I need to call them about a pair that have developed a crackle in one side 👍


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My SportTac’s developed a fault after 10+ years and just needed a new headband link cable. Five minute fix. Very well made kit TBH