Hello from Middlesex


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Hi all
I have moved to the U.K roughly two years ago. I have done a fair bit of rifle shooting in the United States and on the Indus plains in Pakistan (primarily with 7x57 mauser and 7.62x51 win). The U.S. experience was exclusively on shooting ranges, whereas Pakistan was a mix of shooting ranges and hunting (wild boar, Ibex, Hog deer). Hunting for Hogs is done completely different than in the U.K. and it is quite an experience. I have also done a bit of partridge shooting but have found that shotguns take a back seat to my preference for rifle shooting.

After getting done with the initial trials and tribulations of setting up a new business i have regular free time nowadays. Hence, I am literally just applying for my NRA probationary membership and hope to visit Bisley as a regular soon enough.

F-class shooting is of increasingly great interest to me especially with regards to wind assessment at long ranges.

It is a pleasure to be given an opportunity to be on this forum and i look forward to being an active member.