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On Christmas Eve I was out for a dusk walk with the dogs. The walk took me through open fields and on the edge of woodland (mostly broadleaf with some conifers). On the way back, I heard a screeching sound from the woodland and I didn't know what it was.

Sunset was at about 4pm on Christmas Eve, and I heard the sound at about 5pm.

I've made an attempt to record it - apologies for the poor quality but I only had a mobile phone with me. I've highlighted the recording with "ANIMAL/BIRD NOISE" when I hear the sound.

All suggestions welcome on what it might be!

Here's a link to the recording:



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It’s what the muntjacs who live in the woods behind my house sound like.

I had to go with a thermal to take a look because it’s quite a racket when they get going.


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Definitely fox, although I sometimes get caught out by this years young barn owls before they’re “voices have broken”. Owls are irregular though, this isn’t.
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