Is 14 barrels on a muzzle loader too many?


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Sometimes history simply amazes us and this is one of those moments when I came across this 14 barrelled flintlock muzzle loader made in London in the 18th century. The video is worth watching purely because its a firearm that shows true craftmanship and is probably one of the most elegant firearms that I have ever come across. Its a double nock, rifled barrelled firearm that I would love to see someday in real.

I guess London did create some amazing pieces of engineering before the Holland and Holland times as well. Something from the history that surely does make one proud. I wonder what would lands with limitations on 10 round mags say to this fine piece.

14 Barrelled Flintlock

Love to hear on some of the justifications one could say to a FEO to get this on their ticket, apart from it being a collectors item.

Mr. Gain

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Geez, that thing fires a broadside!, bet it takes an age to reload.
There are some hilarious comments on the video too.
A sample:
'I am privy to thy thoughts sir, did I fire 13 times or 14 times, by my faith sir are you perchance feeling fortunate?
I beg to inform you, varlet, that this is a fourteen barrelled firearm by Messrs Dupe & Company of London, the most egregiously dangerous firearm in this locale, and it could decollate you in a highly efficacious manner.
Verily, I implore thee, ruffian, proceed, and let the day be rendered perfect for my benefit.