Least appropriate toy


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Probably one of the most dangerous things I did as a boy was collect WWII ordinance that was, and still is to be found around the north Kent coast.

In particular near Whitstable on a spring tide there was the remains of a Spitfire that went down at sea, and if you looked hard enough you could still find the odd cannon shell, LIVE. The middle part of alloy was corroded, but the cases and heads where usually ok. We use to throw them against the wooden jettys to break them open and then collect the case and head, polish them up and swap them at school.

There was also an old range further down the coast, and in the winter apart from running a mud line for fish, we collected loads of lead heads, from Martini rifles, musket balls, and 303 FMJ heads. I had hundreds on a shelf in my bedroom. Until the plod paid a visit and confiscated them, much against my fathers approval.

Took me a while to build up the collection again :lol: :lol:

Funnily enough the head gardner at Quex Park dug a hand grenade up about 5 years back. And it was a live un as well. I put it in a bucket of sand and put it in the middle of the lawn. Plod arrived in the shape of two ball point refills and proceeded to walk over and pick it up. I stood back a fair way, and told the two young officers to put it down. They did and called the army bomb disposal guys. Who took it away as it was live, and in a dangerous condition :eek:

Bought back memories :rolleyes: