Misfire on Homeloads


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Hi can anyone put light on my constant misfires .
Rifle was a new 6.5x55 Tika T3 .
Lapua cases with Remington primers, N160 powder 129gr sst.

Rifle was knew about 2 yrs ago and I had this problem about 15 rounds in from new I stripped bolt and cleaned and sprayed and never had a problem since . Out shooting bucks other night the misfires started again I've had 4 in 2 days luckily still got the bucks. I even tried the misfired bullet again but didn't fire . Misfire again this morning !

It's annoying as I've stripped bolt down again and still happening.
not sure where to start apart from try different primers.

misfired round bottom , fired round on top in pic.


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Yep ,
i reload and fire 40 rounds a week of 204 at Vermin never have a problem week in week out.
these were new Lapua 6.5 cases and don't think got anything on them.


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Not many options on what can go wrong here. 1. Weak firing pin spring - but it doesn't look like it in the pics, 2. dodgy primers - unusual unless stored badly, but very easy to test by buying some new ones, 3. head specs issue caused by knocking the shoulders back too far when FL resizing. Can't think of what else may cause it.


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Treat these thoughts with some suspicion as am only a learner:
Assuming the bolt is in proper working order, then either the primers could be defective (can you be confident they're not?) or perhaps they are seating too deep in the primer pocket (is this even possible?).
Alternatively a headspace issue? Could the case be too short and sliding up the chamber? Over-FL sized?

Irritating for you!


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I'd go for dodgy primers, I had a few similar with Remington primers. The strike from the firing pin looks adequate to set them off.


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I had five in a row misfire - turned out that I'd missed out a row of cases when measuring out the powder :doh:


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Cases were brand new out of box, not sure but my suspicion would be the primers,either because I left in garage in a draŵ this maybe affected them. But then this happened not long after new.
Is there much to go wrong with a firing pin spring


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yes can hear the powder in the case if I shake
I've just shot probably 80 no probs since previous misfire happened .

paul dillon

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+1 on the primers strike looks good to me any chance you may have had damp or sweaty hands when handling the primers leaving them in a garage drawer some could of attracted moister from a damp garage