Available: Muntjac stalking, Oxfordshire


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Cull Muntjac stalking available on the Cornbury estate.

£80 per outing, £80 per cull animal. Venison is yours to keep if you so wish. Can accommodate up to four stalkers at once.

Please see write ups below from previous clients:




Please email tm@cpark.co.uk

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Before this thread gets off topic right at the beginning, please don't comment other than if interested or via PM as requested.

Whilst I understand there will be cheaper opportunities, there will also be more expensive. We pride ourselves on our success rates which is reflected in the price.

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I can vouch for Tom & Cornbury Estate. Absolutely fantastic place and loads of Muntjac around. I was there last week & saw numerous Muntjac & also Fallow, Roe & Sika on one outing.




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Gentlemen, admin have pointed out before about uncalled for comments regarding prices charged. Please do not make comments regarding costs. If you do not like the price simply do NOT make a comment. If you are keen to book then simply PM the poster.

Any further uncalled for remarks will be removed and if they persist so will the poster.

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Stalking with Tom on the Cornbury Park Estate; one couldn't wish for a better combination! My first two stalks were an overwhelming success from all perspectives (company, location and volume of deer) and Muntjac in particular are absolutely everywhere. The only reason I have not yet returned, is that I have been unwell and therefore not working and so unable to afford to pay for outings, since. The two stalk diaries as follows:

First Stalk

Second Stalk