Next AW Briefing...?

New Avon Arms


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Hi all,

Does anyone know where/when the next AW briefing is due to take place?

I'm registered for it through BDS and have followed-up with them but they don't seem to be able to tell me anything about it. My understanding is that it's some time this Spring.

If anyone can tell me, I'd be grateful as my free time is running a bit short and I don't want to miss out.



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Thanks both - I'll give them a call on Tues.

News section on DMQ was first port of call but then noticed that everything was 12 months old. Then emailed the address on website and got an out of office until 13 April.

I'm sure they're all doing their best under difficult circumstances but, between them, the guiding bodies don't make it particularly easy for us part-timers.



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I know - we sometimes find out information despite websites, not because of them ;)

If you speak with Mandy at DMQ on Tuesday she should have all the information.


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I had phone call yesterday from DMQ, the scottish one is 23rd May near Perth, venue to be confirmed,

Dates going on DMQ website in the next 2 weeks


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Hi Jack The one nearest to you is in Hampshire on April 29th at 7PM I may see you there. Tony

How did you hear about this?
Although I Live in Wiltshire I thought I would have heard something. The last briefing I attended was in Somerset !
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