Nikwax or other waterproofing spray?


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What is the best spray or treatment for my Harkila prohunter jacket? The goretex still keeps me dry, but the cordura exterior fabric no longer sheds the water like it used to.


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Recently reproofed an old North Face jacket that had lost its water beading qualities. I used Diver Daves reproofing spray.

Amazing results. Water just beads off it now like on a freshly waxed car.

This stuff



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Decided to give Diver Dave's stuff a good try after using Nikwax stuff since that and Paramo gear came out. I've just fully washed, dried and reproofed a Laksen Mouflon jacket and a traditional wool flat cap (like in the DD ad). I've also washed a couple of Tilley hats and a my old Seeland Keeper jacket to try it out on them. The Laksen jacket took a good 300ml, sprayed on with the jacket flat and worked into the outer material. I'll give some feedback next time it pi$$es down, it shouldn't take long light rain showers forecast for tomorrow here.