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Can anyone give me some advise on using this nite vision wolf NV?
I have had 3 outings with it and I'm about to throw it in the bin with frustration. I have focused it as per the instructions, but I still have problems seeing anything. Can anybody also tell me what is a reasonable distance I can expect to pick up a fox.

I was was out last night after a very wily fox. After prattling about with the NV I had no alternative but to use the lamp. old Charlie bested me yet again. He's also laughing at me spending all that money, I'm sure!!

Now how how do I put an ad in the classified section, have I been a member long enough, or have I posted enough to be eligible?

O gollacks I'm going back to bed. Me heads spinning.



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Check it works okay in daylight. If it does then it could be due to IR illumination issues. or possibly camera sensitivity, but that is outside your control


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I'm no expert on Nite Site stuff as I've never bought any (still hold a grudge about the stunt they pulled) but I would have thought a better explanation of what's wrong may help. Why can't you see anything, what's the picture like? Is it grainy, out of focus, white out? What scope?


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Sell it and get an Xvision II 3-14 x 50. Buy a cheap C2 IR torch and 25mm scope ring to mount it and you are good to go out to 200m.
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The 5x unit is difficult to use on targets under 40m.
It takes some practice with the setting and the manual focus. Otherwise it will be a good purchase.
Go hear to see fox hunting with it.
5x20 Xsight2 Fox Hunting Australia 12 Foxs Ranged from 50m to 150m - YouTube
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What scope you have makes a big difference with the nite sites.
It must have parralax adj.....and parralax that goes down 15-20yrds really.
Ive owned and used weekly the original ns200 since it first came out and really rate them. do need the right scope! As said the mtc scopes are good with digital nv.
Cant remember what the claimed range of the wolf is but you should be able to see eyes at 300yrds easy and comfortably identify and shoot to 200yrds.


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Hi you will need a scope with parallax adjustment / focus down to 10 yards and without any coatings that reflect IR (most high end scopes have these coatings) the ones most often recommended for NV are Hawke Sidewinder and MTC Mamba. Also check you have focussed the camera correctly on the NiteSite.

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Hi Guys,
Thanks very much for your responses. It`s appreciated.
I have focused the camera as per the instructions.
I purchased the unit because I could interchange between my .22 RF and my .222. I have a Bushnell scope on my .22 Rf and a Nikon Monarch on my .222. When I researched NV and what was available I haven`t seen anything that would suggest the scope had to have a certain spec.

I`m gonna give the guys at York a ring given some of the advise I`ve received.

Cheers everyone again.
Good hunting!

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You have been researching the wrong places. Nitesite make a good product but it is dependant on scope as well. I don't recall much about the monarch but it wouldn't be top of my list. The bushnell would depend on the model. Some are very good. Others are not.
i would suggest you see if any of your mates have an mtc or the newer hawke 4-16 and just do a comparison.
if you were close I would say come around and we could sort it but there is likely to be someone near you who could help.