Wanted: Opportunities to assist, join or help start a small nonprofit game syndicate, Hampshire/Surrey/West Sussex/East Wiltshire area.


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Hi Folks,

Like many of you, I am really missing game shooting.
So am looking for long term opportunities in the Hampshire/Surrey/West Sussex/East Wiltshire areas to assist/join/help start a small nonprofit game syndicate.
Walked up, driven, over dog, does not matter.

Have semi-retired early so am flexible weekdays as well as weekends.
All the usual, gundog, shotgun safe shot, safety officer, loader.....DSC1 (2 in progress) et al.

Not looking for commercial game shoots, as good as some of them are.
Only seeking small friendly syndicates in the above areas.

Please get in touch if you have, or know of opportunities.

Thanks in advance, stay safe folks.