Pard 007 reviews , crow flighting


Crow killer, what nightforce scope are you using with the pard ? I have three rifles with NF benchrest scopes on 8-32*56 and 3.5-15*56, as others have said sometimes the coating on the scopes gives issues with add-ons. Has it worked all ok with the nightforce before, was it just the conditions on the one occasion ?
i have been thinking of getting a pard for ages
ive got an ATN 2 on the .17hmr anybody got comment on how the pard image compares to the ATN ?

25 Sharps

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So I am lead to believe it’s the top end scopes that are no good for these units, it’s something to do with the lense coating, I’ve been out tonight with one on a 24 mag hawke scope , using an armasight ir and can clearly see rabbits at 600m (SIX HUNDRED)
So I recon it’s a case of downgrading your scope and upgrading the ir
Do you have a link for the IR


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I have a Pard 007 on my 17HMR, after some issues when first bought it, I found you need a good IR lamp, they don,t like high end scopes, so I use a Hawke on mine with no issues at all. The on board I.R. is o.k. but an IR add-on lamp from Clive Ward is far better. One problem I have is my permission adjoins a nature reserve, with large areas of wetlands. On nights where the wetlands give off water vapour, the Pard suffers, doesn't like moisture in the air and range is then limited down somewhat, in my case about 60-80 metres then. I move away from the wetlands and unit is good to go again. On board I.R. is usable but a good add-on is better, Clive has several on offer that work well. Use my pard several nights a week, great piece of kit would not want to be without it now. deerwarden

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Think that the problem with the Nightforce scopes is that they don’t focus in close enough. They work but nowhere near as well as something cheaper.
I’ve a hawke on my .22 and it ****es all over the Nightforce with the Pard.


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Not teaching anyone to suck eggs but the onboard IR is focusable which makes a hell of a difference, just pull on the IR lense, it is not as good as an external IR but focussed tight is usable out to 100


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Put a Solaris srx laser on mine totally different level ,easily doubled the range if not further and a far clearer image imho .The inbuilt is ok but the external is a total game changer
Hi its a night force bench rest, 8x32x56, ive had 2 foxes using pard on it, a few weeks earlier but that was on a night with a bit of moonlight, ive not been out since the night I couldn't see the fox.