Parker Hale scope mounts.


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Good morning all.

I have just purchased a Schmidt & Bender 8 x 56 with a 30mm body scope to replace the original 4 x 40 Nikko Stirling sight fitted to my Parker Hale .270w.
The mount bases fitted are about 0.615" wide (rear) and 0.650 wide (front).
Can anyone advise me on replacement Scope rings to accommodate the new telescope?
Bearing in mind the extra hight required to mount the larger (62mm) scope.
PS. Just noticed that the rings are marked "Australia"
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Australia marking suggests that these are HILLVER mounts. Joe Beatham at Gunshop East Barent has a small number of these..but they may not be in your ring size. Give him a call.

The good news is that most in factory drilled and tapped P-H rifles have the screws spaced for REDFIELD bases (so the standard in the USA) as, of course, many, many P-H rifles were exported to the USA (and Canada). So as other suggest as long as you can get the mount bases screws out you should be good to go with Leupold or any other US mount base as all pretty much have the same screw spacing.

Hope it helps!

I do have, somehere, even a set of said Leupold mounts (bases) for a Mauser based P-H that I'd be happy to sell. Although they have no screws. Have cleared out my late mother's house so eveything a bit cluttered but if you wanted them at a reasonable price I could see IF they are still hereabouts or nearabouts. If they are thereabouts...well, sorry, that I can't find them!


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I have some lovely Leupold Quick Release Mauser mounts
these bases are tricky to find
QR rings are easy to find in all manner of heights and sizes

PM me if interested


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I have some hilver mounts that used to hold an 8x56 on a Rem so if they fit your bases you can have them.
bugger just seen you have a 30mm tube mine are 1"