parker hale

  1. marklestrange

    For Sale: Complete .308 Stalking rifle Mod scope and kit

    FREE STALKING RIFLE when you buy Ideal Complete setup. DEVON Brit classic Midland Gun Company Springfield action .308 It can achieve 1 moa with cheep PPU 150gn SP. (3 shots from cold) The general condition is 'well used' but it has some nice wood on the stock and nice 'old skool' quality...
  2. M


    Located in the Highlands just west of Inverness I have very limited stalking experience but life long interest in field sports. I have a GSP bird dog who seems OK at tracking too. I'm shooting on a budget with a Parker Hale 270 (came upon here whilst looking for a spare magazine for it) and...
  3. S

    Parker Hale scope mounts.

    Good morning all. I have just purchased a Schmidt & Bender 8 x 56 with a 30mm body scope to replace the original 4 x 40 Nikko Stirling sight fitted to my Parker Hale .270w. The mount bases fitted are about 0.615" wide (rear) and 0.650 wide (front). Can anyone advise me on replacement Scope...
  4. shaunman79

    Hello from canada! 30-06 Parker hale question?

    Hello my name is shaun located in canada and planning on using my newly aquired parker hale made at midland gun comp. 30-06 walnut stock redfield scope hardly used, I just refinished the stock with a birtchwood casey kit ready for my first deer hunt. I would like to know what you guys think of...